I had to come up with my own this week

For the last couple of weeks there has been no Friday Five… not sure what is going on with the person that runs it, probably too busy. So I am coming up with my own this week, and you can answer in the comments if you want to.

1. Do you drink coffee or tea? (if both pick your fav, if none what do you drink?)
I drink both, but I go thruogh seasons, right now I am in coffee season.

2.Do you eat breakfast every day?(light-cereal, heavy-eggs, toast)
Yes, and it is heavy :)

3.During your morning drive, or wake up time… do you listen to what? (the news, music, etc)
I listen to NPR or Music.

4.Do you always wake up on the same side of the bed? What side do you preffer?
Not always and no real preference.

5.Do you take a shower every morning?.
Yes, have to… cannot do the take a shower the night before thing.

3 comments on “I had to come up with my own this week

  1. Hi Logtar…just wanted to thank you for your tags, and to wish you a happy Friday…My blog color scheme has made it difficult to read so working on that, hopefully your next visit won’t be blinding to you! :) Thanks for dropping by … I love your blog, very well done.

  2. If you need some questions for one of these Fridays:

    1) What is your favorite citrus fruit?
    2) What brand of soap do you use in the shower?
    3) If you were a mayor of a medium-sized town, and could only do one of these actions, which would you choose and why? (A) Fix all potholes in the town, (B) Build a waterpark for the town’s children, or (C) Subsidize the cost of waste water disposal for the poor.
    4) Do you feel the government should take more or less of a role in the administration of Major League Baseball?
    5) Pickles: Dill or Sweet?

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