Let the culture talk begin (first post Education)

I have been thinking about writing about culture for quite some time. Like some of you know I was born in Colombia and moved to the US during my teens, so I got to learn a lot about my “mother land’s” culture as well as experienced being a teenager in the US. I have had the luck to be able to explore both cultures at an almost perfect age to be able to assimilate both of them, which is awesome. Living in Chicago also allowed me to learn tons about other cultures, from my best friend being Polish to my fascination with Asian cultures, and just so many other cultures available in such a cosmopolitan area. There are tons of things that are worth while discussing in culture differences, and I guess I would most likely compare anything I discuss here to my two basic ones Colombian and American. I will like to start by pointing some of the differences in the education systems, which have surprised a lot of people when I have pointed out the differences.

I attended a private Catholic school in Colombia and a public school in the US. I completed 11 grades in Colombia s well as being able to attend a US public high school due to my age.

At first glance both systems seem very similar, even having similar roots, but as soon as you start digging you see that there are major differences. One of the most mind-boggling to me is that Colombia has 1 less year of Pre-college education, yet all students are required to complete a lot of courses that in the US would be considered college level.

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