Week 13

This week, another “getting to know you” meme with a twist.

1. Week 11 you were asked to list four things about you using the letters B-L-O-G. This week do the same thing but use the letters H-U-M-P. Just use one word or feel free to get gabby about it.

Hug, what is better than a hug :)
Uber, this word has always bothered me… maybe it is worth finding its origin.
Mom, talked to her this morning.
Pops, want to talk to him today. I have always called my Dad, Papa… but my neice for one reason or another has nicknamed him Pops and I like it.

-Wow, Uber is actually German for above anything else… interesting… don’t say you never learned anything from my blog. I am not only entertaining I am also educational 😛

2. If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?
this one is kind of hard, wow… not sure. Banana cream pie 😉

3. Imagine if you will that you are being held hostage by a pompous, self-grandizing, BORING person on your IM. You’re trying to be polite but really want to brush this person off. Being crazy and creative, list three things that you could tell that person to excuse yourself now AND discourage them from contacting you ever again.
*Love body hair on a women, how hairy are you? (stolen, someone actually said this to a friend of mine, and it fits here because it did the job).
*Did you know that there are telescopes specifically made to look at the sun? (Depending on their reaction we would move to) Yes, I love astrology too… or Just continue talking about lenses.

4. You are a work of art. What are you? Explain why. Any Picasso, complex yet beautiful and inspiring.

5. Do you have an talent that is interesting but totally useless? (Example: being able to touch your nose with our tongue, tear a phone book in half … ) Tell us about it.
All my talents are useless, what are you talking about. This is hard, I don’t think that I have any useless talents, I guess I can fold my tongue, and wiggle my toes big toe independently of all others… not sure of any other ones.

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  1. Hey we are the same work of art! I love the “excuses” too and the “HUMP” answers and…. oh hell, I enjoyed it all. You are definitely entertaining and educational. I just love it here. I’m so glad I found you. :) Happy Hump Day to you and yours, darlin’.

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