One of the lessons learned

I don’t believe that being positive is something that you are born with, but a concious decision you make. I posted not too long ago about free will, and I think being positive plays a huge role into decision making. It has taken a lot of pain in my life to become the positive person that I am today… I know at first glance that statment does not make a lot of sense but I will elaborate.

Having difficult times in life really shapes who you are, I would not take any of the moments in my life that might be seen as painful… mainly because I believe that they truely shape who I am. I have made the concious decision not to let all the negative things in my past, present or future to turn me into a negative person, I choose to be positive, I choose to look at the good side of things… I feel like there is no other way to look at life. The glass is always half full for me and for the I am starting to see that it does work.

Being positive has built incredible freindships in my life as well as keeping me sane through some rough spots. If I can say anything to anyone at a moment of depression is that, nothing bad happens unless something good is right around the corner. Counting your blessings always helps the fight. Try to be positive for a whole day (if you are not already) smile at people and you will see what kind of difference it makes.

A think that I always like to do when dealing with someone in customer service in any situation is trying to make them laugh if I can. If they are trying to solve a problem for me, I always make sure I acknowledge that they are not the person that cause the problem, but hopefully will be the ones that are going to help me solve it. 99% of the times this strategy has worked for me, and I have gotten a lot more than if I would have been nasty and demanding… don’t get me wrong if I do not get results I alwasy ask to talk to a manager 😉 but always in a positive way.

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  1. Gosh, where do I start with this one. I have so much to say.

    First, let me say that I truly appreciate your tags and comments during my recovery period from my recent surgical procedure. I’m not 100% but on the road back – enough to situp for a couple of hours and run around blogland LOL.

    Okay, now on to the topic … being positive.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to be positive ALL the time but it’s just good common sense to make the effort to be so. I haven’t always had a positive attitude. In fact at one time I said that my cup wasn’t half full or half empty I said, “The freakin’ glass is broken … all I have is a paper cup with a hole in the bottom.” That was shortly after my mother died and it was difficult to imagine that life would ever be good again.

    But now I’m coming out of it and I’m back to trying to be positive. It’s true that the nicer you are to anyone in the service sector of life the better the results will be. Even at grocery stores I try to remark to a cashier that I like her hair or a piece of jewelry or just make pleasant conversation – they treat my produce much nicer. LOL

    I’m of a mind that no matter what sort of horrible unacceptable things have occurred in my life they all happen for a reason. I just said to someone this morning that I would trade any of it because I had to go through all the pain in order to become the woman I am today and today I’m okay with Friday. Even homelessness and drug addiction taught me life lessons that I would never have learned otherwise.

    You and I basically have the same philosophy. You count your blessings and I try to live each day with an attitude of gratitude. I know that even though I’ve lived through some horrifying things I can’t give them power over my life … chalk it up to experience and move on.

    My mother always tried to stay positive and usually dealt with the crap that life dealt her with humor. It was her way of staying positive – laughing even in times of adversity. I do that as well.

    As I said, I don’t believe anyone can be positive ALL the time but I believe that we should all try to be so as much as possible. I have what I like to call a Weeble Wobble type of personality — cuz weebles wobbles but THEY DON’T FALL DOWN. :)

    Have a great day … just noticed your little weather thingie and it says it’s 36 degress YIKES. It’s a pleasant 70 degrees here :) I know, I’m gloating lol

    Take care and again thanks for the visits and encouragement.

    Damn I’m verbose –

  2. Keep on talking about the warm weather, and maybe I will not be able to be positive for too much longer 😉 Thank God, Summer is coming :)

  3. I agree. Someone I know was bitter about some luck I had recently. She’s always had a really negative attitude about everything. I believe if you look for the positive, you will experience the positive. Same with the opposite – if you’re always looking for the negative, that’s what you’re going to find. Luck isn’t something that randomly happens – it’s finding the positive in something and embracing it.

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