My favorite Stand up comedians

I have been wathing a lot of comedians lately… went to see George Carlin live, then started a whole week of watching comedy. Revisited Eddie Izzard as well as Robin Williams. Surprisingly enough one of the comics I like a lot Denis Leary doesn’t have its own official website… now that I think about it beyond his roast I have not see much about him. One of the blogs I visit regularly and is part of my blogroll is Gigglechick’s and I did not even know she was into the comedy thing, but I guess she is… that is kind of cool. I have actually talked to a comic :) and maybe some day she becomes famous and I will know a celebrity the right way (before they were famous). Do not care much to meet celebrities, but would not mind someone I know becoming famous.

I love standup, the classic Eddie Murphy stuff is awesome… what ever happened to him, he has not done anything funny in quite some time. What happened Eddie. I hope Eddie Izzard does a US tour soon, he was here last year and I did not see him, I actually have not bought his new DVD yet. That will have to be done soon. So what are your guys’s fav comedians?

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  1. I’ve recently rediscovered Sam Kinison as well. I love stand up comedy, it’s the purest art form. Honesty and laughter is what life should be about. Another one to look out for is Dom Irrera

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