Glow in the dark

Last night Bogs and I were hangign out at Meyers after dinner… we went looking for blank DVD’s but their prices were too high. In any case, all their basketballs were on sale so we decided to pick one up. And the glow in the dark one seemed kind of cool. Now neither of us had ever really owned any glow in the dark stuff and we noticed that where the ball had not been exposed to light, it would not glow… so a critical mind will tell you that the ball needs to be “charged”.

In any case, we played a little round at a church near by that has a couple of hoops… don’t know how but I actually won 11-7. I suck at basketball I was just being super lucky with the outside shots. And then we went home but the glow in the dark thing kept on bothering me. I mean, I had no clue of how it worked at all… so I looked it up and this is how glow in the dark stuff works.

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