Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

It is very rare that a book actually can move you to tears. I love reading because unlike movies you can actually use your own imagination to create the pictures that tell the story. Tuesdays with Morrie, makes you think about life and how you are living it. It poses a lot of questions that you should be asking yourself constantly. The book is a very easy read and very short, but in that limited space you enter a world where you get to see a very close relationship between a teacher and a student.

The student-teacher interaction was the first thing that made me want to read the book, but then the facing death part of it really captivated my attention. I am afraid of getting old, death is not really my biggest fear but more like not being able to take care of myself later in life. This books really helps you deal with those thoughts in very blunt way.

Morrie is a sociology teacher who is a wealth of applied knowledge. He has a way of being able to show you with his words the simple things that are in front of you but you do not quite see. I think you will be way better off reading the book than me trying to say how wonderful it is, or trying to explain the lessons inside it. There is also a movie about the book which I have at home but have not watched. I will be doing that really soon. The movie is supposed to be very close to the book and I would like to see if that is really true.

Another cool thing about the Author is that he has his own radio show in Detroit as well as a column in the Detroit Free Press, who would have thought that a sports writer that did not set to be writer in the first place could compile a book that has jumped into my top 5 list.

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Assuming… making an A$$ out of U and ME

I got some beef to deal with to day. Is it human nature? is it just plain stupidity? is it society?

So many people assume things every single day. Since spoken word was developed by our ancesters it seems like we (humans) have not learned how to use it. We constantly think for other people, thinking that we can guess what they are thinking or feeling. Worse, we think we know how their lives are. That just enrages me.

Yes this has to do with something specific, but I am not a liberty to discuss it with the world. But I do want to rant about assuming things. I think our interaction with others would be so much easier if we stopped assuming things and just communicated. But not pretend communicate (when we only give half of the story) but really communicate. Ask the question and be direct. Why do you do this, or What is it that you want. BE DIRECT.

Dam it… I wish I could be more specific about this but I cannot. Thanks for reading I will quit ranting now.

Maroon 5 traffic

It seems that since my little mini review of Maroon 5 cd Songs About Jane, I have been getting hits non stop. I have the CD playing in my car non stop and think the band kicks ass. It seems that most people are looking for the lyrics to the songs so here.

All of them

The most popular song are

This love
Harder to breathe

My favorites are

Through with you

Vist the band’s website, and click bellow to purchase it.


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Long Post

Tons to cover with this one… it was a pretty eventful weekend.

Drove back to Chicago Friday night to pick Bogi up. Stayed at my Sis’ house and my little neice is just cuter and cuter every days. Check out the moblog, then met up with Ramon before he was off to his lady’s B-day on Sat. I had all intentions of getting together with the CLSB crowd but did not make it. Picked up Bogi and he just wanted to drive back to Michigan so we did. The drive was good since we got to catch up on a lot of stuff.

Then yesterday was the George Carlin show. I was not as impressed as I tought I was going to be, I mean he is excellent and makes you laugh, but I felt like it was way too short. Also he redid a couple of jokes and for a fan that has heard a lot of his material before, well that kind of leaves you wanting a little more. His opening and closing monologs were brand new, but he was still rehersing them… and I do have to admit that all the new stuff is solid. The guy is unbelievable. He did plug Jersey girl, and said he actually believed on the movie… Kevin Smith is awesome, but I tought the Ben AssFleck factor might affect the movie… I will give it a try just because of Carlin though.

Got to hang out around Ann Arbor for a little bit, and it is not a bad city… I would defenetly have to come back. The venue was also good but I happened to sit right behind the tallest guy in the whole theater, I mean eve sitting down he was probably taller then me… ok, maybe night but he was tall. I had to pull a lizard move the whole show, moving to either one of his sides every time he moved. I guess that made the show suck just a little… but I had good company so that made it better.

On the walk to the Hill Auditorium I got to see a huge dog… probably the largest husky I have ever seen. I really like that breed… I have looked at Alaskan Malamute’s before, but Husky’s are just huge. Cannot wait to get a house to have some dogs.

Also finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie, what an exceptional book. I think this is a must read for anyone that loves life and wants to. I will be doing a review of it in just a bit. The book also has a movie made from it… so maybe I will do a double review, I hear that they go hand in hand :)

The break from work is over… off to the races now 😉

If I owened something or other

If you…

1. …owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
Colombian for sure

2. …owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
Computer parts

3. …wrote a book, what genre would it be?

4. …ran a school, what would you teach?

5. …recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
Some Rock/Rap/Latin fusion thing… kind of like The Kumbia Kings