Todays Post is dedicated to Bea

I started blogging this year. Thanks to Kriegs sharing his innermost thoughts in such an open way, the blogging bug bit me. It had been something that I concidered in the past, but never actually did it. After getting my own domain, the natural progression pointed me this way, but Kriegs and his way of posting inspired me.

So that was the beginning. Then came a period of discovery of how this worked. Then memes which I was going to stay away from but now I chose to do them Wed-Thu-Fri when they are availalble. Also I found out that blogs are more like mini communities, of people that read you and comment or e-mail you about what you write. That is the most rewarding thing about it all. I have pretty good relationships with both family and friends, but sometimes it is just cool to relate to people that you have not even seen ever before.

Ok now, before I go on with my rambling… the reason for this post is Bea. I looked in the begining of my writting other Colombian bloggers, as well as similar interest bloggers. But I came to Bea’s site and have been hooked ever since. Not only does she come and read my blog, she also knows some of the coolest bloggers out there… some of whom I have started to connect with. From what I have read livejournal and such have some pretty closed communities where you cannot really get the experience unless you were there from before or are brought in. But Bea has been so welcoming is not even funny. So I just want to say THANKS BEA. :) Gracias :)

First Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Computer What was/is your first computer? A clunky old Commodore or something a touch more modern?
My first computer was a compaq presario that my parents bought for me when I started college. It is still operational and it is being used by my sister right now. Now, the first computer I ever touched is an IBM clone that I learned to write basic on while at school… that was back in 1987.

Twosome: Anti-VirusHave you ever had a computer virus? How bad was it? Or are you one of the lucky ones who have managed to avoid them?
I have had a couple of viruses, but they have not caused too much havock. I am an antivirus nut always keeping it up to date with set schedules and such. The companies I have worked for have gotten a some nasty ones. Love Bug was a bad one.

Threesome: Software What piece of software really made you more productive on your computer. …or, as in my case, less productive? *g*
Instant Messaging software has made my inbox a cleaner place… now that is filled with SPAM.

First Wednesday Mind Hump

1. Using the words that begin with B-L-O-G list four things about you. Feel free to use one word or get gabby about it.
2. If your personality could be heard, what would it sound like?Like the song playing during blade’s opening club scene. Confusion [Pump Panel Reconstrucion Mix] – New Order
3. If your laughter could be seen, what would it look like?Volcano explossion.
4. If happiness made your eyes dance, what dance would they be doing?Cabbage Patch
5. Speaking of dancing, shake your booty! Okay, now … if it made a sound, what sound would it make?Squeak, Squeak… that is just my desk chair 😉

Free Will?

“The word “choice” is a fraud while people choose only what they have been taught to choose.”
– Idries Shah

I have been giving this a lot of thought in the past weeks. I love the idea of free will, it really makes me feel alive… but how much of it is actual. I think we are all shaped on one way or another by the way we are brought up and our environment. So are our choices really choices or just predestined responses by what we have been taught.

What do you think?