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Well, I have been invited to several of this… there is friendster and the like… most of them I do not even remember the URL’s. But today a friend invited me to Orkut and I have to say out of all the ones that I have seen, this one seems to be the best. The software is pretty slick and all the interfaces are easy to use. I was browsing around like there was not tomorrow within a few clicks. Not that I need another web additciont or anything… which reminds me that I have not played Gunbound in quite some time.

I like the concept of this sites, but I have experienced a group of friends gathering better thru the motorcycle message boards. For most of us is no big deal to meet someone from the net, but some people specially around this area are somewhat new to this. Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

2 comments on “Friends networks

  1. The only thing I would like Orkut to add is cookies to their website, so the sessions don’t time out all the time, heh! Too lazy to type username and password.

  2. That and having to log in every time… I did not notice how annoying it was until today, I realized I had to sign in.

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