Re-ocurring Dream

Well, I never really had one before, or at least was not aware of it. And I want to post this now that if fresh before I forget it. I have been having a reocurring dream… and not in the sense that it is the same dream but it has been hapening in the same place. It is inside of a school… the weird thing about it is that it is a highschool looking building but the classes seem to be college classes.

This is probably the 4th or 5th time that I have been on this building. Who knows it is just one of the locations of my dream world but it is very realisitc. The building has a greenish tint to it when you are inside, almots like the matrix but with more yellow then blue if that makes sense. The building is set up like a huge cube, with all the classrooms in the outside corridors and then offices in the inside. I walk around, and almost always I find my classes listen to them or whatever.

The one last night, or better yet this morning was kind of creepy. I could not find my schedule, and I am a nut about that because I always used to memorize it the first week, but I could not remember where my classes where or what class I had. Now I am late for class. So I wondered to see if I found it for a while until I saw a security guy. I then went to wait outside of the office to get my schedule. The security guy wondered around and passed me by a couple of times. Finally he came and asked me and I explained the situation but he was not satified and wanted my ID. When I went to pull it out he tried to snatch my wallet and we strugled… then I woke up.

I look at the clock, and I am already late for work. I had forgotten to set the alarm last night.

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