The Boondock Saints (****)

Starring: Willem Dafoe(Paul Smecker), Sean Patrick Flanery(Connor MacManus), Norman Reedus(Murphy MacManus), David Della Rocco(David Della ‘Roc/Funny Man’ Rocco), Billy Connolly(Il Duce).

Most of you know how much I love movies… but it is actually rare that I can watch a movie over and over. Most movies to me lose some of their appeal after the first time you watch them. But Boodock Saints is going to make me not only chance my top five list, but also might just make the number one spot.

I watched this movie for the first time on Friday night and I have now watched it 4 times since then. If you have not watched the movie do so now… I do not want to ruin the plot too much because it is very simple. I am not sure why it did not make in into theaters; maybe it is the strong subject or that inability for people to deal with some facets of life, who knows.

I first heard about this movie from Jen one of my martial arts friends… but put it in the back of my head and did not rent it… this week Bogi made it a point to get it and we watched it… and since then I have been hooked. AEQUITAS – VERITAS. Dam I want a new tattoo now. It was actually funny cuz my friend Jen just got one this weekend… and on top of that she knows 12 other people that have gotten tattoos from the movie. Crazy, maybe a little but the movie is just that cool.

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Boondock Saints.

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**** UPDATE ****

Since there have been so many hits to the site in search for information about the movie I have decided to extend this post a little more and provide some links that will probably in the form of an FAQ Page and just a Little Tribute page. If you have a question go there first!

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  1. alot of rumors about the film are not true, i saw it in sept, 99 in the theaters in spokane wa, i also read an email recently sent to me about how norman reedus would not agree to do the film because of contract problems.
    just about six months ago it was under the filmography website as pre-production but has recently been taken off, wheather it has anything to do with actors or contracts i do not know, but i will voice my opion on the subject/”not making a new saints film would be devastating to those who have been waiting yrs for it, but it keeps the first one at all time great statuse” my opion MATT SPOKANE WA

  2. so my late brother introduced me to this movie, it was his favorite, and it has become one of my favorites. and yes I am going to be adding onto my memorial tattoo for him with aequitas and veritas on either side of the cross I have for him, but that’s not just because of the movie, it’s because he lived his life like the brothers did, except without the shootings, he tried to make the world a better place up until his death. I find that this movie has a deep connection between me and him and by getting the tattoo I feel it will connect us more.

  3. Does anyone know if Troy has a web site or an email. I would like to contact him about a book I published last year. Send response to

    Thanks, Pete, Redondo beach California

  4. First time I was introduced to this movie, I loved it so much that I went all around looking for the DVD. Boondock Saints is one of those dark movies where it makes you question the whole but the movie did it with humour and it has such a great story line and ending. I loved it, I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve watched it. I’m not a religious person but after watching the movie I feel like I can connect to them somehow.

    Thumbs up to those who has as much love as i do for this movie.


  5. “In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti” means “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”

  6. I love this movie, but you have mistakes in your ending quote!!!

    first off its not “These are cause of behavior” it’s CODES of behavior

    Second its not “It is your evil that will be sucked by us” it is “It is your evill that will be SOUGHT by us” how are they going to suck the evil?

    Third its not “And on that day you will repend” it is And on that day you will REAP it!

    Please make sure you quote this great movie correctly!

  7. i have the speech on CD if anyone would like to know who says what in that speech i would be happy to tell!

  8. Now you will receive us

    We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry

    We do not want your tired and sick

    It is your corrupt we claim

    It is your evil that will be sucked by us

    With every breath, we shall hunt them down

    Each day, we will spill their blood, till it rains down from the sky

    Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal. These are principals which every man of every faith can embrace

    These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behaviour, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost

    There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over, into true corruption, into our domain

    But if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three. And during that day, you will reap it

    And we will send you toward whichever god you wish


  10. Wow! that’s alot of comments! I personally loved to movie (especially the scene where the cat was shot off the table…try replaying that over and over, and in slow-mo without laughing your ass off! *I love animals, and I hate cruelity to them, I own 6 dogs, 5 cats, 2 hampsters, 1 ferret, and an iguana; but that cat in the movie wasn’t ACTUALLY harmed…I think…but it’s still really funny) ANYWAY, back to my question. at the end of their family prayer, they say “In nomine patris – et filii et spiritus sancti”…what does this mean? If you know, will you please take the time to e-mail me the answer at Thanks!


  11. Dispatch: yes, it is latin. 😉 It’s pretty much where a lot of today’s catholic prayers originated (the Vatican, anyone?).

    O’Brien: I’m a Pole, but I somehow relate to the guys in oh so many ways. And yes, I simply LOVE the way Irish people pronounce words… it’s so crisp, and yet requires a lot of processing to get it through your head… It’s the same with the old English language/dialect (? unsure) [in Polish it’s “staroiangielski”, if anyone can translate that]. Words like “yee”, “thou” etc. 😉

    The movie – simply no words to describe it. Anyone who has never seen it – go see it right now, and I can’t put it in any simplier manner. And while I’m at it, I’d like to recommend two more titles:

    I) The Usual Suspects – I like it because it puts Your brain to work, but it’s worth watching only once because after the great mystery is solved the answer’ll just carve itself at the back of your skull forever. 😉

    II) Crash – a very ambitious, and successfull, attempt to address various racial tensions in the US; what’s funny – it had to take an Australian guy to do it, so I guess someone’s trying to escape the truth here, like… sweep it under the rug? ^^’

    – and a quote from ‘Crash’, to get Ya started:
    “In a real city, you walk, y’know? You brush past people, people bump into you… In LA, nobody touches you. We’re always behind this metal and glass… And we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other just to feel something…”

    (The music that was used in the trailer for ‘Crash’ was Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for strings”, a slight variation of which was also used in the trailer for the game “Homeworld” [striking anybody as odd? anyone?] and seeing as I loved the game, I just HAD to hunt the movie down… all I can say is: well worth it. The movie played in our theaters about a month ago, titled “Miasto gniewu” [“The city of anger”]. And it is/was also surrounded by much hype and confusion, as it is the case with this movie.)


  13. All I’ve heard is Sequel, but yet no one know’s anything about it? Can anyone help?

  14. I bought this movie 2 days ago and i am in love with it! The tatoos are the best, i think there sexy! I love when there in the vent and their like
    Murphy: Ahh, fuck you! I’m sweatin’ my ass off carrying your fuckin’ rope around. Must weigh thirty pounds…
    Connor: Shhh. We are doing some serious shit here, now get a fucking hold of yourself!
    Murphy: Oh, *fuck you*! I’m not the rope-totin’ Charlie Bronson wannabe that’s getting us fucking lost!
    Connor: Would you fucking shut it?

    haha thats like the best then they start fighting! love it!

    then in the end when their in the courtroom and yelling all that stuff, thats awesome! i have it memorized, lol!!! The prayer is so cool! i got that shit down in like 10 minutes! Today ima go try to find Boondock Saints 2: All Saint’s Day! im so excited!


  15. mmkay so i was trying to get a movie but by some accident it ended up being some odd movie called the boondock saints which struck some familiarity and so i gave it a go and can i just say that it was so good that when the movie was over i was speechless and then i finally managed to utter a “yea so i’ve GOT to see that again” i think ive seen it 4 or 5 times in the course of two days…. yea its kinda sad but it is just THAT good =) so good watch it cuz if u haven’t… ur missing out

  16. I have watched bdkst.s 3 times in the last 24 hours because I finally found a copy the other day. In the scene where the cat was shot… I dunno… I feel like they may have actually done that… accidentally. watch that scene. Norman R suddenly loses his accent. and Sean Patrick F. looks confused and scared. I just feel like it may have been for real. does anyone else, or am I stupid?

  17. this has got to be one of the longest running forums on a movie i have ever seen
    you should all be proud of that
    anyway this was a great movie great acting all around and very funny in places
    but the whole thing about getting tattoos is kind of weird

  18. To all that are not Irish……………………Your tattoos you have so proudly have gotten………I hope you understand the full meaning………………………….Your playing with religeous belifes………..If there was a cool movie about Jesus would you tattoo him on your body if you are not of that religeon?……………….. Instead of looking up meanings of the words try reading history and the words will be all too clear to all that understand! Read up on the history of Irealand up until the start of the IRA……………….. if I have to explain you should not mark your body with things you know nothing about. Your playing with what you dont know about and some are real serious about what they believe……………..Oh yeah …..this is America…….where riligeous belifes are a freedom of choice and………………. dont have to be respected by others.?

  19. Let’s be honest, this movie is not ‘the best’ it’s not ‘awesome’ UNLESS you’re irish. I couldn’t help but notice that most of the people that loved this film were either Irish or chicks who thought the brothers were hot. Why do Irish people feel the need to shove the fact that their Irish in everyone’s face?? It’s a thin line between Pride and Hubris. Think about it.

  20. I love this movie,

    I have seen it thousands of times, but there is 1 question:

    The father of the macMannus brothers also have a tattoo, (Il Duce) but i don’t know what that word was,
    It had the same language as the brothers (latin) but its a different word
    can someone help me!!!

    Grtz Rampage

  21. a few things.. ok first im am deffinatly not irish, and its still by far my favorite movie.. in fact i just made a cool ass photoshop pic with the brothers and their prayer in a black and white american flag.. second Il Duce (dad) doesnt have any words writtin on his finger.. just a butterfly on his right hand.. 3rd sorry if this question was already asked… i only made it half way through the comments.. but what does the symbol on there necks mean.. ive spent the last couple hours looking for it.. and ive had no luck.. this is a last resort..

  22. First of all maybe we IRISH wouldn’t flaunt it if everybody in this god forsken country would give us some bloody credit! This movie doesnt just flaunt the fact of the IRISH but what is the cop? Oh ya thats right he’s fucking american. We the IRISH like and appreciate this movie for the fact is is purely true. Have you ever visited bloody Ireland you wouldnt think Americas “WAR” was so bad. The movie is for fucking entertainment stop making so much of it.

  23. The making of BS2 was about 1/4 of the way through production when it was stoped. The studio didnt want to work with the guy who wrote it cause he is extreamly hard to work with. He pretty much burned all of his birdges making the first one. By now, it will be kinda hard to make a 2nd moive, but still plusable. Dont hold your breth thouhg, no one want to work with that guy anymore, and im a huge fan of Bonndocl Saints, and i made a drinking game outta it. Take a shot of your fav liquer eveytime there is a kill scean, its about 6 or 7, but if u count the “cat” scean, its 7 or 8…..its awsome!!…..PS unless your a heavy drink, you prob dont need a sober person making sure you dont miss a scean…..its awsome, i play with my whisky

  24. The movie rocks, but the message trancends to another level. There are some who want to bring the ACTING into their reality. Have any of you people looked into the eyes of a person who wants to kill you.. its you or them.. you live they die.. and a bit of you does too. War has done this to me. The tats and soundtrack are excellent but please leave the truth and justice to the people we have elected (freely) to dispense it. There is always someone faster and a bit more crafty than you, take it from a guy with the scars (inside and out) Be safe, watch over each other trust in your form of GOD and find some good in all you attempt in life. But if you find your back against the wall, and it’s time for violence— be the nastiest, foul, unfeeling s.o.b. and do what you HAVE too do. Period. ONLY GOD SHALL JUDGE

  25. After thinking about it, perhaps there are some people that have their truth and justice dispensed by people they have NOT elected to so. The IRISH come to mind…. my apologies Shaine. I cannot imagine a place where Catholics and Protestants would war on each other… Makes u think, Muslim vs Christians… (that’s happening) Methodists vs Lutherans… Mormans vs Judaism, powerful stuff, now, where’s my Guiness?

  26. i guess this movie is pretty old by now eh, but i just watched it recently. makes me miss my brother fuckin terribly. By far the best part of the film is the bond between the MacManus twins.

  27. ok a few thigns why the hell woudl u post msg for people who havent seen this movie cause let me tell you if there on this site chances are they ahve sene this movie and i love this movie i only saw it once a few hours ago and i love it i seriuslly just flat out love it

  28. I do love this movie, has to be one of the greatest movies threw all time. Actully got Veritas tattoed on my right hand today :) i know it’s not very original but hey i like it. Peace.

  29. WOW!! AMAZING!! i watched it for the first time yesterday. i LOVE it. my best friend/ex boyfriend has it and we watched it. i dont understand why i have never heard of it before. i also cant believe it was never in theaters. this is probably my favorite movie now. my favorite line is when rocco said “we could kill everyone!!” haha.

  30. I own the movie and have watched it countless times, but just now found this site while looking for information on the sequel…
    I hope it can be made soon because everything about this film is awesome!!!!

  31. I’m a huge fan of the movie but I don’t know where they got “Boondock” from…anyone care to tell me what it means or how it’s significant to the movie? And please get to it as soon as possible. Thanks.

  32. “Boondock” refers to people who are backward, insignificant, or unnatural in society. Since these brothers were basically outcasts, one can conclude that the word “boondock” was merely used as a fancy way to say they were loners.

  33. i got addicted to the film the first time i saw it.
    my mam couldn’t stop laughin when connor n murphy were fightin with each other, she thinks its exactly like me n my sis when we fight lol

  34. I am just wondering, if there is any possibilities, if anybody out there knows what cigar Il Duce is smoking when he arrives at the house with his six gun holster, because let’s be honest. He looks pretty badass with that whole get up, and I want to smoke that cigar.

  35. okok so the first question up at the top was what does en nomine patri et feli et spiritu santi mean… this is gaelic latin … trust me im irish… it mean in the name of the father son and holy spirit.. boondock saints was an amazing story. veritas- truth, aequitas- justice, dochas- hope, meas- respect, this stuff isn’t hard guys, just go learn some latin, after that you’ll be able to speak many different languages… french russian german spanish… and obviously irish and scottish.

  36. to post #15 i think it was lojack guy or whatever dont hate on people for gettin tattoos from a movie because they get a tat from a movie and you dont is what makes them different and more original than you if they got a bunch of random stupid tats youd just be like them or they like you see what im gettin at, also theres over a billion people in the world and im sure your not the only one who feels the need to express their opinion on getting a tattoo from a movie so i ask you this, why are you trying to be like the guy who feels getting tattoos from a movie is stupid be yourself you dumb fuck why you wanna be like the guy who feels getting tattoos from a movie is stupid be original u stupid fuk, think about what i just said and shut the fuk up and dont comment back, anyways to the rest of you i plan on gettin the words and the saints tat on me aswell as Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici from V for Vendetta.

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