The Boondock Saints (****)

Starring: Willem Dafoe(Paul Smecker), Sean Patrick Flanery(Connor MacManus), Norman Reedus(Murphy MacManus), David Della Rocco(David Della ‘Roc/Funny Man’ Rocco), Billy Connolly(Il Duce).

Most of you know how much I love movies… but it is actually rare that I can watch a movie over and over. Most movies to me lose some of their appeal after the first time you watch them. But Boodock Saints is going to make me not only chance my top five list, but also might just make the number one spot.

I watched this movie for the first time on Friday night and I have now watched it 4 times since then. If you have not watched the movie do so now… I do not want to ruin the plot too much because it is very simple. I am not sure why it did not make in into theaters; maybe it is the strong subject or that inability for people to deal with some facets of life, who knows.

I first heard about this movie from Jen one of my martial arts friends… but put it in the back of my head and did not rent it… this week Bogi made it a point to get it and we watched it… and since then I have been hooked. AEQUITAS – VERITAS. Dam I want a new tattoo now. It was actually funny cuz my friend Jen just got one this weekend… and on top of that she knows 12 other people that have gotten tattoos from the movie. Crazy, maybe a little but the movie is just that cool.

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Boondock Saints.

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Since there have been so many hits to the site in search for information about the movie I have decided to extend this post a little more and provide some links that will probably in the form of an FAQ Page and just a Little Tribute page. If you have a question go there first!

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  1. first of all, this movie was so sick because it actuyally made me respect religion. I could go on if you make me, i’ve written a novel on how religion is bullshit and i’m a theologian so don’ try. anyway, quit being fucking retards and asking what verits and aequitas means, if you read one fucking comment on this whole page, it probably said it in there and you wouldn’t have to ask. sick movie, and for the dusche bag who said that he didn’t like it, then get off this fucking site and let us like it. anyway, this movie kicked ass. i bought it after the first time i saw it cuz it was so damn good. peace out. and always maintain the constitution to take it as far as is needed.

  2. The movie is absolutley amazing. It’s one of the best movies in the world, seriously, it puts killing in a whole new perspective. Respect to Troy man!

  3. Veritas means truth or honesty and Aequitas means Justice or fairness but what does In Nomeni Parti Et Fili Spiritus Sancti mean?

  4. Ah yes, very good movie, happens to be one of my all time favourites ever since I saw it this past year finally…I picked it up in a pawn shop for 3 dollars on DVD in damn near perfect condition with the exception of a few scuffs on the case. Can’t beat that with a stick now can you?

    E nomine patris et fili spiritus sancti means “In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit/ghost”

    Which is why they say it at the end of the prayer.

  5. Aequitas-calm, eveness

    i might add that roman catholic latin is rather different from actual latin.

  6. I’m so glad people are still commenting on this movie, it rocks! Does anyone know it the sequel is still a possibility or has it been scrapped?

  7. Boondock Saints is a frikken awesome movie…all other entries seem to have said it…an interesting aspect is how fine it cuts the line between justified and unjustified murder…of course it’s a pretty grisly tribute to God the Father–who by most accounts doesn’t support the murder of anyone, but it is a righteous murder to be sure…we could all take some good pages out of their books to become upstanding Christians (More specifically Catholics–>yes, we rock!{oh, bad pun says St. Peter!} groan.) fuck i am a shithead right now…oh well…Boondock Saints makes me extremely proud of my limited Irish Heritage…and that’s about all i’ve got to say!

  8. Does anyone know where i can find the soundtrack to the movie. My friend let me borrow the movie last year sometime, and i instantly went out to buy it myself, incredible movie. Please email me if you know where i can find the soundtrack though.


  9. Hello everyone. Just wanted to say that I also am a huge fan of the movie and have forced other people to watch it. Always they are like “NO that dosen’t sound like the kind of movie for me” But after they see it, we all know what happens. God bless the Irish!

  10. I agree with most people out there that this is an awesome movie. At least in my top five favorites. However I do find it a little bizarre (dont want to sound mean) that some people are now prouder of their religion then they were before watching the movie. And even though their tats were cool and all, there are better tattoos you can get, maybe like van Damme doing one of his kicks LOL.

  11. THIS MOVIE ROCKS! PERIOD! i loved it! the entire thing, so well planned out and thought out, i love the deleted scenes! especially the one where “mom” calls home, they prolly took it out though becuase it was too funny and gave to much comedy to the movie, i love how they switch from the crime scene to the crime. My brother showed it to me, at first i didnt wanna watch it but after seeing it it is one of my favorites and ive watched it almost 10 times now, those prayers are great, and a great performance by all! ***** five stars!!!!

  12. I really just wanted to clear something up. Someone mentioned that you could buy the soundtrack on the BDS official site, but you can’t. There is no soundtrack available for sale (though you can find it to download online if you look hard enough). The CD available at the official site is a CD of the BAND named The Boondock Saints, which includes Troy Duffy and his brother Taylor. However, two of the songs on the album are in the movie.

    Other than that, awesome movie. Definitely one that has great repeat viewing ability. No, it’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it ranks very high on my list because it’s entertaining. And what else are movies created for but to entertain?

  13. this movie, made me think! think about everything, every second, was something even more powerful. i put in terms of my sister and my connection/ bond. its amazing, i ask all around if people have seen it, nobodys even herd of it….thats crazy. i think it should be #1 movie of all time, its great :)

  14. I was re-watching x-men 2 right after watching The Boondock Saints again when I noticed Nightcrawler muttering a prayer before teleporting into cerebro to rescue Xavier. I’m pretty sure it’s the first prayer spoken in The Boondock Saints. Just thought I’d mention this.

  15. I fucking worship Troy Duffy… And I am waiting for Boondock Saints 2. And sheperds we shall be. For the my Lord, for the…

  16. I saw this in your sidebar and clicked over. I also liked this movie, but probably not quite as much as you for it doesn’t even make my top 10. However, what is fascinating to me is how this movie does seem to grab others and shake them to the core, and primarily men.

  17. I love this movie! The idea behind it was amazing, also, I love Celtic music, and Irish accents, so that made this movie even better. I’m going to make sure all of my friends see it.

  18. I saw this movie about 1 year ago at an all night gaming party.. and well.. while it was around 5 in the morning everyone was asleep but me.. b/c i was soo fucking hooked on the damn movie.. i mean wow.. then up untill a week ago i came across it on a webpage and remembered how badass it was so decided to download it.. ive watched it about 5 times in the last week.. and i ahve a busy schd… my favorite movie of all time..

  19. Awesome movie, i have watched it close to 13 times, i was wondering if anyone could tell me where Il’ Duches prayers came from in the bible. Thanks

  20. Just found the movie at my local walmart so of course i had to buy it. I fucking hate walmart, they edited out some of the violence. :(

  21. Genesis 9:6 “…Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man…”

    Deuteronomy 32:41 “…When I sharpen my flashing sword and my hand grasps it in judgment, I will take vengeance on my adversaries and repay those who hate me…”

  22. Boondock Saints is def. the most under rated movie ever. This movie had better scripts than most of the hollywood movies. It has kick ass action sceens, funny actors and an origional style that I have never sceen in any other movie. I can’t wait for the sequel!

  23. wtf i know someone didnt just call ppl posers for not knowing wat something is véritas is truth and aéquitas is justice

  24. Fluff all of you poser’s getting the tattoo’s first of all learn how to spell tattoo maybe you should work on your spelling skill before spending money on tattoo’s that copy’s people sh*t… come up with something original sh*t at least find other Latin words to tattoo on yourselves maybe Latin for trendy or poser or fluffy copy cat

    *Edited by Logtar. Look, I have let this discussion go on for a while. Please keep it clean, no flames or comment will be turned off. Thanks.

    P.S. This is MY personal WEBSITE. I do as a please, so please, no complaints.

  25. A great film. Such a great plot. I wish it were a documentary. I could go on as to how well shot the film is, the acting, the directing, but I think the biggest point of the film is it’s message. Not necessarily to kill those who do evil (although….), but that an even greater evil than evil men is those good men who are indifferent. Indifference is the true evil that needs to be overcome in this world. Standing by and watching, or worse, standing by and ignoring those evil deeds against the good of humanity that go unpunished or unprosecuted can not nor should not be tolerated. I hope that message is not lost in this great classic.

  26. Thanks to my uncle I saw this movie and thought it was fuckin awesome. Those people who said that this fucking sucks well guess what you mother…. Anyways I like the prayer “Sheperds we shall be for thee,my lord,for thee.” If you want the whole prayer email me.

  27. this is the greatest movie i ever saw. i want to get it but i cant find it at stores. where do i look? also is the sequel happening or not, if so when does it come out.

  28. Great movie. Not to be missed. I must have watched it almost 30 times in the past 3 weeks or so since I “discovered” it. It has an addictive appeal to it. If you can’t find it in stores, try your local video rental store or From what I hear, the sequel is being held up because nobody in Hollywood wants to work with the writer/director Troy Duffy. But Duffy keeps promising it will come out… eventually.

  29. I Love this movie i have watched it probaly 40+ times. I have everyone i know watch it and they all love it too…i cant wait for the 2nd one to come out. i dont see how anyone can NOT like it…IT IS THE SHIT. i had a friend of mine watch it and then he wanted to buy it. Its that good

  30. Hey i have a question. Can any of you tell me the name of the opera song that is played when the gay detective is investigating the first murder scene in the movie? Its not in the soundtrack, and im not asking wher to buy the soundtrack. Can you scroll thru the credits and find it please? i do not own a copy of the movie. Much appreciated, thanks!!!!!!!

  31. the time will come to all, as god sees with his watch full eyes that all sinners , they will have there day as god comes down with great vengence email me if you like

  32. This is my all time favourite movie i saw it a year ago and i saw it a couple days ago and realized why dont i own this movie. so i decided to go buy it. This movie is The best movie in my opinion

  33. this movie was so good! i saw it about 5 years ago in 2000. I loved it soo much that we got a DVD and i liked it even more after that that i bought my own personal copy which no one touches but me! To tell you the truth you guys, its pissing me off that hot topic is just starting to sell tee shirts and stuff and all these posers are buying them! i love it when this one man walks into work and he’s wearing his veritas aequitas shirt. i give him free food because he knows EVERYTHING about the movie, he’s not one of those posers! i can’t wait til next year for the new one to come out and im so mad that it was supposed to come out 2 months ago!

  34. I loved this movie so much, I named My twin cats after them! They are born assassins, after all…
    But anyways, the movie is My all time favorite, second to none. While it may be considered”dark comedy”, you cant help but like and identify with every main character in the movie. Too bad America missed out,but in some ways, we’re a little behind the times, and God forbid we send a message that its O.K to want to do away with bad people.Hell, we let ’em out early!! sleep on that….

  35. I really loved this movie! I thuink that if sum1 wants to get a tattoo of something that “isnt original”…LET THEM! LIVE AND LET LIVE KID! Question: Could someone email me the whole [prayer] “Sheperds we shall be for thee,my lord,for thee.” I would really, really appreciate it!!

  36. “According to the film’s official website, the release date of the sequel The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day was September 2005 (this didn’t happen, however). The sequel continues from the courtroom scene at the end of the first film. Industry insiders have long speculated that the actual production of this sequel is extremely unlikely considering that Troy Duffy has had no film directing or producing experience since 1999, and believe sequel rumors were being used as an attempt to promote the first film.

    In late March of 2002, Duffy posted a letter to fans of the first film, claiming that financial backing had been found for a sequel. It would reportedly have twice the budget of the original film, and “experience a theatrical release.” Willem DaFoe will not be returning, according to the posted letter.

    Information for the sequel was formerly available on IMDb, where it was catagorized as in development. However, as of February 2006 all information regarding the sequel has been removed from IMDb.”

  37. Hey man “The Boondock Saints” was a wicked movie!! you can say that im pretty addicted to it. from the time i got it till now which is not long, i have seen it maybe more than a dozen times, coz its not a movie that’s quickly forgotten. everytime i watch it i feel like its the first time watching it!!

    But i got just one question or more like i need to know this! What is the prayer they recite before killing like the head of the Russian Mafia, and the Italian Mafia in court?? its really bugging me and I NEED TO KNOW!! pleaze if ya know plz plz plz reply back!! dam that prayer thing is soo amazing! Thanks… my email address is Thanks again xoxoxo

  38. Someone up previous noted that the Wal-Mart release edited out some of the violence- there were multiple releases of the film, the two US releases were both edited, as well as the original UK edition- later, an un-edited version came out in Japan, which i believe was later released in Europe, but I am not certain- this version was rated up to NC-17 from the R it was rated in the original release in the US.

    I’m trying to remember the prayers, Neo, that Nightcrawler recited, but I thought he said the Our Father and perhaps the Hail Mary, but forgive me if my memory serves false.

    A transcript of The Boondock Saints is available at the following link- yes, I know, there is no distinction between who speaks when and there is no plot detail- that is the difference between a transcript and a screenplay- unfortunately I cannot find the screenplay- anyone who can, I would be greatly appreciative if you could post the link on this thread.

    Dr. Sandman, I believe that is part of La Boheme, but seeing as I have only seen the opera once, I am not one-hundred percent certain.

    When they kill the mafia members in the hotel room, they say the same prayer as they do before killing Sal (I believe that was his name) in the courtroom.
    The speech that the three men make in the courtroom is as follows (interjections are *ed* and I do not differentiate between speakers, seeing as I am taking this from the transcript and have not seen the film nearly as many times as I assume many of you have!


    You people have been chosen…
    …to reveal our existence to the world.
    You will witness what happens here today, and you will tell of it later.
    *All eyes to the front.*
    *Now’s a good time to fucking do someth…*
    *Shut your fucking mouth!*
    *You must watch dear, it will all be over soon.*
    Now you will recieve us.
    We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry.
    We do not want your tired and sick.
    It is your corrupt we claim.
    It is your evil that will be sucked by us.
    With every breath we shall hunt them down.
    Each day we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies.
    Do not kill! Do not rape! Do not steal!
    These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
    These are not polite suggestions. These are cause of behavior.
    And those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.
    There are varying degrees of evil.
    We urge you lesser forms of filth…
    …not to push the bounds and cross over…
    …into true corruption, into our domain.
    But if you do…
    …one day you will look behind you and you will see we three.
    And on that day you will repend!
    And we will send you towards ever god, you wish.

    And shepherds we shall be for Thee, my Lord, for Thee.
    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand.
    That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command.
    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee,
    and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
    – In nomine Patris – Et Filii
    Et Spiritus Sancti.


    I hope this helps- this is a wonderful movie with an amazing message to it and it poses a very powerful question to us all:
    How far are you willing to go?

    Much love-

  39. I bought The Boondock Saints without having seen it before, I dont know, something about the cover and the plot on the back of the dvd caught my attention. When I watched it for the first time the movie really had an impact on me, the dialogue was so smart. It became my favorite movie right away, on top of movies like Scarface, Carlito’s Way, The Godfather. The movie is really that good, my favorite character has to be Rocco, “Shut your fat ass Rayvvie! I cant buy a pack of cigarretes without running into nine guys you’ve fucked!” Thats my favorite scene, Rocco fighting with his druggie girlfriend. If you havent seen the movie just buy the dvd and save the money youre going to spend renting it because you’ll want to see the movie everyday. I like inviting people over to watch the movie for the first time, just to see their reaction, everybody has loved the movie. I wish they would release it on theaters, the movie would make so much money.

  40. best movie ever made…….i love it im irish thru and thru and i love this movie……..its unbelievable how underated it is and every human should be forced to watch it…..

  41. Hi guys! Agree with you this is the best movie ever! I even got a copy of the DVD if I want to bring it to friends and stuff! :) I´m getting the soundtrack now.
    Regards from Sweden

  42. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about a timeline of the release of this film. I read earlier in the blog that it was never shown in theaters and someone was of the opinion that cult status was not achieved in the US until after the large scale video release of this movie (Blockbuster). If anyone has any information I would appreciate direction or advice. This inquiry is academic in nature but even wild theories could be beneficial.

    Q: Timeline of the movies releases?
    When was a large scale cult status achieved?

    Anonymous Film Student

  43. Correct me if im wrong but maybe aequitas and veritas might slightly be taken out of context. In roman mythology Aequitas is goddess of fairtrade and honest merchants, representing equity and balance. Veritas was the goddess of truth and a daughter of Saturn. I also recently saw the movie and it just blew me away!!!!!!!! It makes me think twice about how it would be taking matters into your own hands but being a catholic makes me think about the ten comandments with one in particular “thou shalt not kill”

  44. in respone to niki that means “IN the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.” It is probably latin or italian.

  45. is there still rumors of a sequal? i have been looking for info on it and i cant find much other then people saying that it was going to be released years ago. if anyone knows anything please post it i am very eager to know.

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