The Boondock Saints (****)

Starring: Willem Dafoe(Paul Smecker), Sean Patrick Flanery(Connor MacManus), Norman Reedus(Murphy MacManus), David Della Rocco(David Della ‘Roc/Funny Man’ Rocco), Billy Connolly(Il Duce).

Most of you know how much I love movies… but it is actually rare that I can watch a movie over and over. Most movies to me lose some of their appeal after the first time you watch them. But Boodock Saints is going to make me not only chance my top five list, but also might just make the number one spot.

I watched this movie for the first time on Friday night and I have now watched it 4 times since then. If you have not watched the movie do so now… I do not want to ruin the plot too much because it is very simple. I am not sure why it did not make in into theaters; maybe it is the strong subject or that inability for people to deal with some facets of life, who knows.

I first heard about this movie from Jen one of my martial arts friends… but put it in the back of my head and did not rent it… this week Bogi made it a point to get it and we watched it… and since then I have been hooked. AEQUITAS – VERITAS. Dam I want a new tattoo now. It was actually funny cuz my friend Jen just got one this weekend… and on top of that she knows 12 other people that have gotten tattoos from the movie. Crazy, maybe a little but the movie is just that cool.

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Boondock Saints.

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Since there have been so many hits to the site in search for information about the movie I have decided to extend this post a little more and provide some links that will probably in the form of an FAQ Page and just a Little Tribute page. If you have a question go there first!

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  1. I love it when I run across someone who has seen Boodock Saints for the first time. When my brother made me watch it one day I was blown away. It’s great to see other people get the same reaction. I often wonder why I had never heard of it before. It’s a textbook cult classic.

  2. Boondock Saints didn’t make it to the theatre because it was supposed to be released almost a week after the Columbine shootings. and blah blah blah violence and kids and politics.

  3. the reason that the movie didnt come out in theaters is because the release date was just weeks after the columbine highschool insident. so thee fcc would not let them air it in theaters. I saw the movie some years ago. i god damn love that movie. read some reviews and wanted to kill the guys who wrote them that movie will never get old. I can recite it begginning to end and i still love to whatch it

  4. its huge in other countries because they relreased it in other countries

  5. They are making a documentary on troy duffy called overnight with limited relaes about the rise and fall of troy duffy
    maker of boondock saints and soon to be all saints day

  6. The Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen And The Best Actors.Can Someone Help me With Something?I Heard That Appeared “The Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day” Where Can I Find It.This Is My Favorite Movie. The Brothers LIVES!!!!!! Receive Me…………….!

  7. I loved this movie I saw it with my cousin and I truly liked it my parents thought it was to blody for them but what do theyknow I am addicted to Sean Patrick Flanery and i watch a lot of his movies but this had to be the best I can’t wait for boondock saints 2 all souls day comes out

  8. I loved that movie, Oh my God. I bought the DVD for 10, that would be $8 of something. I watched it about 5 times now, I’ve had it for 2 days.. I love the Aequitas Veritas tattoos too ! Amazing how the movie makes people feel about things. Love Aelias

  9. ahh man boondock saints is the greatest movie ever boondock saints 2 will be so awsome

  10. “ok all of your posers do you even know what aequitas veritas means please do tell ”

    The loose translation for the movie would be truth & justice. Another reason the movie was never released is that Troy Duffy got on the Miramax shit list, and they wouldnt allow any other group to release the movies either. It was only later when Blockbuster released it that it started gaining cult status here in the US.

  11. it is by far the best movie ever made. the truth and justice tattoos are awesome( veritas and aequitas) my brothers got them tattooed on their backs when they turned 18 about 6 years age along with saint patricks prayer.

  12. Jory, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a more accurate translation for aequitas is “equality”, not “justice;” justice is “justitia.” I actually thought the placing of the latin tattoos was very well done; having “equality” on a trigger finger (a more elegant take on “peace through superior firepower”). I think for this purpose, justita would have been more appropriate than veritas for the other brother, but oh well.

    irishblood, as to why the wording’s in latin and not gaelic, my guess is there’s two logical reasons behind it:

    1) The brothers are Catholic. Catholics still use latin in mass
    2) More of the viewing audience would recognize “veritas” over “frinne”.

    Take it easy.

  13. well on a latin translation page aequitas stand for justice or fairness smart guy ..but being oh well latin is more trendy thats cool better than making gaelic trendy i have several tattoos that are in gaelic wording so thats fine with me stupid trendy people that get tattoos because of a movie or band they make me sick like that stupid godsmack sun or barbwire arm bands or tribal tattoos of any kind oooohh that looks cool yea howabout being origianal for once stop being sheep and following the herd for fuck sake…

  14. the boondock saints is the best movie i saw it with soemone i love so i bought it and the movie never leaves my side lol best movie must be seen im tellin ya best m
    ovie ever made

  15. ahh, normally theres a guy kiding behind the couch.. and u gotta shoot at him for 10 fucking min.

    fuckin best movie ever made

  16. Yea i must admit an awesome film , i am suprised like the rest it has taken so long to get the recogniction it deserves , also Billy Connelly is a classic guy suprised it never got to the big screen with him in it.

  17. best movie ever made 100 % the music was insane, one thing though, i couldnt find that song that plays in the back right before the russian killing spree, its played while theyre walking on the streets then a bit in the elevator. if someone knows the name or how i can get it please advise me. (its not on the soundtrack thats on their website)

  18. it was a good movie. but people that get the EXACT same tattoo from the movie…thats just lame. Get original. And Im tired of people reciting the family prayer like its there own. Gte your own damn family prayer. I hate the after effect of a movie, exalting another life which you wish you had in some wierd way. Get a life. Represent your own family well.

  19. This movie was absolutely awesome!!! I watch more than enough every year because it is just that good! Oh yea….the brother’s are fuckin’ hot…and the love……the bro rips off a toilet and……then jumps from the building……that’s tight!!! If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about!!!

  20. This is my favorite movie! I could watch it like a million times and never get sick of it. Plus those Irish guys are so fuckin hot!!!

  21. What a masterpiece we have here! The whole idea of this movie simply amazes me. It has ‘genius’ written all over it. One of the most amazing elments of the film has to be the bond between Connor & Murph, it’s such a great thing to watch. Aw geez I love this movie, it’s flawless.

  22. yeah i just saw the moive and its great every thing bout its just perfect (i think) ilike i have the same tattos just in different places and i got them befor i saw the moive

  23. hey there i wanna ask you one question…. what does Aequitas & Veritas meen im from Denmark by the way and im considering a tatoo but what does it mean mail me back with answer please… 😛

  24. ok for all that didnt ever look it up aequitas is justice while veritas means truth. there you go.

  25. I am looking for a translation from english to latin for “One Father, One Family” I’m GUESSING that it is: ” Unus Patris, Unus Familia ” Is that correct?

  26. not only is boondock saints not cool and not funny, it’s moral reasoning is incorrect and its storytelling is spotty and horrible and suits children under the age of 13

  27. Your insane…..You obviously must have liked the movie to be searching for a thread about the movie at 11:56 pm. The Boondock Saints is by far one of the best movie made. Perfect actors, story line, everything. It deserves alot more recognition and popularity than it has.

  28. Boondock Saints is one of those movies that several people with different viewpoints can watch and say “That was friggin awesome!!!” A tatto of aequitas and veritas might just well be the coolest thing in my book. As for those just seeing it for the first time, any other time is just as good whether its your 100th time or not.

  29. I must say that their tattoos are the most incredible tattoos ever created. I now have “VERITAS” on the inside of my lower lip. I have a question….where can i find the soundtrack? I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find i place where i can either download it or buy it. Please enlighten me

  30. I Seen Boondock Saints for the first time 2 years ago since then ive seen it about 100 times. Its one of the the most uder appreciated films of our generation. And its a great movie. Adn to the guy that said getting tattoos because of bands and movies, Fuck You!

  31. by the way, guy who wrote comment #19, “follow the herd?!” sheep wander aimlessly unless there is a sheep dog to scare them into going where they need to go. I don’t think anyone was scared into thinking certain tattoos were cool. wtf, mate? maybe you were thinking of lemmings. But i forgive you, don’t worry. You obviously don’t know how to use punctuation marks either, so i can’t expect you to know how certain animals react in certain circumstances. have a nice, boring tattood life. Who gives a fuck anyway what other people put on their bodies? It’s their choice. If they want to copy someone else, that’s a pretty fucking cool compliment. a pretty perminant compliment on their body.

  32. I have only one question about the movie. Why the hell ARE they working in a meat packing plant?

  33. I first saw Boondock Saints in 2000, it is now 2005 and i purchased it recently. It is in my opinnion one of the best movies I have ever seen. now i’m not good with names so Willem Dafoe was the only actor I could put a name to. However, the brothers in that movie with Justice (Aequitas) and Truth (Veritas… correct me on this i’f i’m wrong) Tattooed on their trigger fingers really interested me, so i hopped on the computer and searched for the meanings of these words. I would like to thank the person who posted #15, Jory. I will certainly be getting these tattoos… probly on my fingers just like in the movie.

  34. Actually it was released in theatres. Just not in The U.S It was released over in europe and places like that. Also it was the worlds largest cinematic breast ever. Heh, who would have thought that if boondock saints broke a record it would be that? anway great movie i’ve seen it over 25 times. I usually have some movie running in my DvD player all the time more recently its been boondock saints so i can share it with everyone. :)

  35. They’re working in a “friggin meat packing plant” to make it more realistic. Honestly, how many people do you know that could see that much blood and that much gore up close and personal, and touching the dead bodies without getting atleast the slightest bit queasy. Either ex-marines from vietnam who fought on hamburger hill (the bloodiest battle in the last 50 years), or a couple a guys who have worked at a meat packing plant, covered in blood, willing to beat each other with cow tongues and other bloodied animal parts. And then just laugh about it. This movie was very well thought out like that. People keep griping about how lame it is, and how unbelievable it is. That may be, the story may not be realistic, it IS a movie. But it was believable in teh sense that, if you believe certain aspects of the movie as they appear, then the whole thing is amazingly real. If they really did get a message from God, then they would haev easily been caught by their feet, dangling while spinning, giving them the perfect opportunity to kill everyone in the room. Things just worked out so perfectly, adn they made a note of it, (“this james bond bullshit never happens in real life. You know who is to blame for this? Bad television!”) Its just so wonderfully well thought out.

  36. Wow I was really interested in all of your comments, I agree with many but some however i did not. I have recently gotten the tattoo of the Virgin Mary which was on there neck on my chest and am also getting the cross and veritas and aequitas on my back. So to all who knock it, maybe you should stop analyzing what other people are doing and just live your life with no complaints and let truth and justice prevail. Oh ya the movie was stellar and i have recently purchased my copy, anyone looking for the soundtrack can find it at

  37. Top quality film, anyone who says that the story line is not believable remeber it is only a movie for fucks sake!! Quality tat’s. I randomly saw this movie on TV and was instantly hooked. Saw it again then bought the DVD. Now my bro’ and all my mates have seen it and all agree it’s mint. Ever find yourself randomly quoting bits from the film?? “He gave me his c,c,c.. he gave me his c,c,c.. oh he fuckin’ gave me this. FUCK ARSE!” Love the Irish barman.

  38. Saw the movie for the first time last december….and holy crap, what an awesome movie!!!! I had never heard of it, but some college friends of mine basically forced me to watch it, and I’m glad they did. It’s hard to describe with words why this movie is so great….it’s too bad it’s so underappreciated. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll BUY YOU a copy to watch!!!

  39. wow, this movie is amazing
    i watched it first in my Irish Lit. class
    and i fell in love with it instantly
    i just recently bought it, and ive already watched it like
    1000000000 times :)

    ..they should be in every major city..

  40. this was the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!! specially sean patrick flanery and norman reedus (they are so cute)

  41. Normally I dont bother with threads and shit like this, but felt the need to put in my 2 cents (not that anyone gives a damn.) For those of you going “omg the brothers are soooo hot!” thats pretty sad you probably missed the entire point of the movie drooling over them. Oh I admit they are very attractive, but its most likely their beliefs, how they project themselves and their actions that make them “soooo hawt!”. To each his own how you perceive the movie, I personally thought it was fucking awesome…reminds me alot of Dogma. The two movies have the same principles; random shit and paths in the name of religion. For the fuckwit up there bashing people with band/movie tattoos, has it not occurred to you had it not been for the bands/movies some people would not have been exposed to certain tattoos/tattoo stylings? So you see a cool symbol on a side of a bus, go and get it tattooed…maybe we should blame the public transportation system for introducing you to something you probably would not have otherwise seen. I mean, how awful is that permanently inking something you love into YOUR OWN skin. For the record, I have 2 Murderdolls logos tattooed on my back, so yeah I do know what the fuck I’m talking about. I actually discovered this movie from Bleeding Through’s cd This Is Love, This Is Murderous. Any boondock saints and/or metal fans should go check them out, the first track “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire” starts out with Willem Dafoe’s line “It was a fuckin bomb…for a few seconds, this place was armeggedon. And there was a FIRE FIGHT!” As well as the prayer in another Bleeding Through song, although I forget which one. Anywho, I must say this movie will probably reach cult status, as well it deserves to.

  42. Yes, but what do the tattoos on their hands mean?

    Can you fuckin’ spit that one out at me with all the hot air left in that head of yours, my friend?

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