Todays Post is dedicated to Bea

I started blogging this year. Thanks to Kriegs sharing his innermost thoughts in such an open way, the blogging bug bit me. It had been something that I concidered in the past, but never actually did it. After getting my own domain, the natural progression pointed me this way, but Kriegs and his way of posting inspired me.

So that was the beginning. Then came a period of discovery of how this worked. Then memes which I was going to stay away from but now I chose to do them Wed-Thu-Fri when they are availalble. Also I found out that blogs are more like mini communities, of people that read you and comment or e-mail you about what you write. That is the most rewarding thing about it all. I have pretty good relationships with both family and friends, but sometimes it is just cool to relate to people that you have not even seen ever before.

Ok now, before I go on with my rambling… the reason for this post is Bea. I looked in the begining of my writting other Colombian bloggers, as well as similar interest bloggers. But I came to Bea’s site and have been hooked ever since. Not only does she come and read my blog, she also knows some of the coolest bloggers out there… some of whom I have started to connect with. From what I have read livejournal and such have some pretty closed communities where you cannot really get the experience unless you were there from before or are brought in. But Bea has been so welcoming is not even funny. So I just want to say THANKS BEA. :) Gracias :)

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  1. That is pretty cool and that’s true…blogging communites are like big families but they’re not snobs either…I’m close to people on other blogging communities and who are hosting their own blogs … it’s nice to have one’s world so enriched, isn’t it? It’s also nice to find that one out there whom you have an affinity with. I’ve found mine … she’s my bestfriend whom I jokingly refer to as “wife” … it’s a long story…lol

    Anyway, I think that’s so nice that you acknowledge people. Love reading here. Want to come back and read more when I have more time and my eyes aren’t so nutso.

    have a great weekend!

  2. hello there:-)! sounds kind of weird but I put the googlenglish link active just a few minutes before your comment and then yeah, in a certain goolge-way it succeeded:-D by the way i spent a little time trying to read the way my blog sounded after google’s translation and, oh boy, most of it is amazingly weird. definitely;-)!
    anyway it was a little way to get in touch with occasionary foreign bloggers, as you say above i find blogs’ closure awful, and language is one of the possilbe gaps. anyway it was nice to find you, i’ll be back here:-)! byeeeeee:-)

  3. I tried leaving a comment this morning when I read this entry, but I felt so stupid… I didn’t know what to say, except for a big thank you for your appreciation. Welcome to the blogosphere… You’ll have fun, you will want to rip off your clothes sometimes, but such is life. I’m glad you like my weblog and that it has given you the chance to meet new people. Best wishes!

  4. It’s hard to find good weblogs, and even harder to find bloggers (and journallers) who are friendly and welcoming. Bea is all of that. :)

    Welcome to the addiction that is blogging!

  5. Thanks for the good comments guys, and Bea, well, don’t be shy… you deserve the kudos for sure 😉

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