First Wednesday Mind Hump

1. Using the words that begin with B-L-O-G list four things about you. Feel free to use one word or get gabby about it.
2. If your personality could be heard, what would it sound like?Like the song playing during blade’s opening club scene. Confusion [Pump Panel Reconstrucion Mix] – New Order
3. If your laughter could be seen, what would it look like?Volcano explossion.
4. If happiness made your eyes dance, what dance would they be doing?Cabbage Patch
5. Speaking of dancing, shake your booty! Okay, now … if it made a sound, what sound would it make?Squeak, Squeak… that is just my desk chair 😉

One comment on “First Wednesday Mind Hump

  1. Hi, just dropping by to check out your Wednesday Mind Hump and ended up spending much more time than I expected to.

    First, your Mind Hump answeres are terrific. I smiled bigger and bigger with each answer I read. I actually laughed out loud when I read “that’s just my desk chair” Thanks so much for playing.

    I have really enjoyed what I’ve read so far and have added you to my blogroll so I can come back.

    We also have a Monday Music Meme and are planning other fun blogging stuff. We’re just one big family of nuts and we look forward to seeing you doin’ the Mind Hump again. Take care and …

    Peace and humptiness forever *wink*

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