Assuming… making an A$$ out of U and ME

I got some beef to deal with to day. Is it human nature? is it just plain stupidity? is it society?

So many people assume things every single day. Since spoken word was developed by our ancesters it seems like we (humans) have not learned how to use it. We constantly think for other people, thinking that we can guess what they are thinking or feeling. Worse, we think we know how their lives are. That just enrages me.

Yes this has to do with something specific, but I am not a liberty to discuss it with the world. But I do want to rant about assuming things. I think our interaction with others would be so much easier if we stopped assuming things and just communicated. But not pretend communicate (when we only give half of the story) but really communicate. Ask the question and be direct. Why do you do this, or What is it that you want. BE DIRECT.

Dam it… I wish I could be more specific about this but I cannot. Thanks for reading I will quit ranting now.

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