Senior book assignment

During my Senior year in Colombia, my literature teacher had us do a last assigment. The theme was our life as a student and it was supposed to be somewhat of an autobiography. He wanted us to go all out, and do pictures if we had then and get the book actually hard covered. The assigment was probably one of the most enjoyable in my life.

Then the following year I moved to the US and moving meant leaving plenty of things behind, one of them being this book. Well, the book was found by one of my younger cousins, and in a similar assignment, he used my book. He got a very good grade on his somewhat plagurizing of my work, but he did do something for me… saved some of the content.

The book ended up getting lost… and it has not been found. But my cousin managed to send me what he wrote for his book. I do have that in my posession and I think I am going to post it here. It will be chapter by chapter and somewhat different from the translation. But I will try to stay true to my orginal work. I do hope to some day find the hard covered book that I actually presented at school… it had some great pictures and memories. I still kick myself in the butt for no packing one of my most priced posetions. I guess back then I did not look at it that way, but just another assigment that I completed.

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  1. i m doing this assignment rite now and its due tomorrow so i was kinda searching stuff lol …i ma bum lol neway hve fun… i m gona keep dis assignemnt forevr lol

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