Reading again

I have not read consistently in a long time, but I seem to be in a roll now… hopefully I keep it going. The book I am reading now, Tuesdays with Morrie was recomended to my by a very special person. What is interesting about this book is that I can relate to it in a lot of levels. I have always loved my teachers, keeping in contact with some of them, wanting to keep in contact with most of them. I have actually had the pleasure to take one of my first English teachers here in the US out to dinner.

One of my favorite teacher in High School was my Spanish teacher… mind you this was not a language class, because back in Colombia Spanish is the official language. The class was Spanish and literature. Not only was he an excellent motivator, but he had great sense of humor and an infectious enthusiasm towards life. His name is Gonzalo, his nick name back then and probably still is Chalo. My favorite Aunt in the world is also a teacher and she happened to know Chalo really good, something I did not know until I was already in his class. Well Chalo really tought me the importance or reading, and really drove it home with very interesting books. He also made his assignements super interesting. One time we had an oral book report due, and he gave us a deadline of when he was going to start quizing us. Well, the catch to the whole thing is that he was not going to do it during class but rather our lunch period. He spent probably the better part of his lunch for 2 weeks chasing us around the school, if he caught us, we had to give the oral report on spot. The fun part is that if he saw us he could yell our name and we had to stop (he has no athlete), so ingeniously we started wearing sweaters in our heads or any other means to not be recognized.

Teachers have made such a difference in my life and on who I am. Most of them have become my friends rather than just teacher… if you ever get a chance, contact one of your old teachers back and see that they probably knew you better than you knew yourself back in those times… and that now they will probably be able to still teach a thing or two about life.

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  1. I have to thank heaven for giving me a wonderful Spanish and Literature teacher. I won’t be humble here, I think my spelling is very good, thanks to that man who did a “dictado” every week! He really made me appreciate my language and now I’m a spelling freak.

  2. I need to get better with my spelling, both in Spanish and English… I guess installing the spellcheck for my blog software is a good idea… but that is probably what has in the end made me lazy about it. Dam MicroSoft, I blame my poor spelling on Bill Gates. 😉

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