Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

I just finished this exceptional book and all I can say is WOW. I would probably tell people that read the DaVinci code and enjoyed it that, this is a must read. If you have read neither book start with this one for sure.

The character of Robert Langdon is just extremely multifaceted. It has the characteristics or almost an anti-hero mixed with victim and hey he seems to… well do not want to really reveal too much. The book discusses the topic of science vs religion quite a bit, but makes a wonderful case as to why they really do not have to be at war, but could complement each other.

I would urge you to go and purchase this book asap. If you enjoyed watching any of the Indiana Jones movies, this book will appeal to you for sure.

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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m always looking for something good to read and I’ve been curious about the DaVinci Code, but the reviews on Amazon kind of made me forget about it. However I should give it a try, or check this book you just read.

  2. Read the book. Typicall Dan Brown stuff. However, in a twist perhaps unbeknown to the authore, he makes science & technology the Devil. Think about it, the carmalengo is spawn from technological, unnatural conception. He then goes on to kill many including his father/pope and try to take over the church. The carmalengo is the son of Satan, the anti-Christ!

  3. I read this one after the DiVinci Code. Both books were wonderful. I would suggest to anyone who like suspense. They both make you wonder how much can actually be true.

  4. Loved the book but shortly after finishing it I realized there is a big irreconcilable contradiction that only comes to light with the surprise ending. How in the world would the carmalengo have the knowledge to either concoct or decipher the Path of Illumination, when the expert Robert Langdon had to work so hard and use arcane knowledge in order to decipher it? The carmalengo was not an art historian nor an expert in the Illuminati nor in Galileo. Since, to assume that he actually was Illuminati would completely contradict all of the evidence presented, there is no logical explanation for his ability to place the murders at the correct locations.

  5. i read this book half way and i really enjoy, although danbrown love to twist some religious fact, without knowledge, one would not even think its untrue.sometime i really agree a lot with this favourite quote is by chartrand.”pain is part of growing’s how we learn” in chapter 89.

  6. I have just finished reading Dan Brown’s book ‘Angels and Demons’ and was wondering why an author who is so eager to state the correctness of his descriptions didn’t get his Italian quotations checked by someone who really knows the language. I have read the original English version with the Italian quotations and found errors throughout the whole book.
    chapter 27 ‘basta di parlare’ should be ‘basta parlare’
    chapter 29 ‘papa’ should be ‘papĂ ’
    chapter 36 ‘continua cercando’ should be ‘continua a cercare’
    chapter 46 ‘l’altare di scienza’ should be ‘l’altare della scienza’
    chapter 55 ‘non sportarti’ should be ‘non sporgerti’
    chapter 72 ‘bassorelievo’ should be ‘bassorilievo’
    chapter 90 ‘hanno conosciuto l’uomo’ should be ‘conoscevano l’uomo’
    chapter 98 ‘un’altro corpo’ should be ‘un altro corpo’ (without apostrophe)
    And I could continue my list like this.
    So I really was wondering if the author hadn’t worried about this aspect or if he got the wrong person to do that job.
    But in spite of my criticizing I really liked the book.

  7. Im 3/4 through this book, I should not have read the reviews…The Camerlengo!?!?!?!
    Now I’ll have to stay up all night and finish it. The suspense is killing me.

  8. I just finished the book about 30 minutes ago and my mind is racing, i was brought up in a strict Roman Catholic household and I have to say although some of the major ponts of this book go against everything I was taught as a child, I couldn’t help but see what is fundamentally wrong with the church. There is no room for interpretation, it’s either their way or get out…and that is one of the main reasons I stopped going to church myself once I was Confirmed as a young adult. Keeping in mind that the book is fiction of course I loved the suspense and the twists and turns up until the very last chapter, and quite the contrary to what Jacques posted: carmelengo is not the anti-christ, he is the utter symbol if the illumaniti, the fact that everything has two sides, good and evil, light and dark, matter and antimatter….he is pure religion, the child of a priest and a nun, and pure science because he was conceived “unnaturally” by artificial insemination…this i thought was one of the most brilliant parts of the book. Kudos to Dan Brown, I would reccomend this book to anyone of any faith, it is fantastic!!

  9. I read the DaVinci Code first and enjoyed it. Then I read Angels and Demons and found it was the same plot with names and places changed — got bored very quickly, especially with the formulaic short chapters to stimulate (simulate?) excitement. Very disappointing. Also, being raised Catholic my “suspension of disbelief” was pushed past the limit when we’re expected early on to not be surprised (shocked?) that a character who is a priest has a daughter (granted, adopted, which we only find out later, but Langdon expresses no surprise upon first encounter). Makes me wonder just how thorough Brown’s research is and his understanding of Catholic culture.

  10. Oh, and while on the subject of erroneous research and Catholic culture, the whole bit about a priest and nun thinking in vitro fertilization between their respective sperm and egg not being a sin and therefore being a sinless alternative to copulation is absolutely ridiculous!

  11. I am less than 100 pages away from finishing this awesome book. Like DaVinci Code, it was a little slow getting into it but, once I did, WOW! It’s been tough to put it down. I’ve had lots of fun online on the website looking at the photos from the book. It was nice to be able to see the sculptures that Dan described so vividly. Digital Fortress is on the table waiting…I hope that one is as good as DaVinci and Angels.

  12. The event mentioned in the book is absulutely true and the group actually exsists.Its hard to imagin that Dan Brown had such information about the group.I found the information on internet.

  13. I’m actually right in the middle of reading this book. I’m on ch.27, and brigitte is right about the error in it. However, help please, what on earth does “basta parlare” mean???

  14. Basta parlare: “Let’s stop talking,” or “enough of words,” meaning let’s put your words into action, as opposed to just talk about it. And, by the way, for all you who are so excited with this boring book, it is not “carmalengo” or “camerlengo” but CAMARLENGO.

  15. hi! im reading angels and demons, and im in chapter 114, and i have read in the internet about the real parents of camerlengo carlo venttresca, that they used “artifical insemination” to “have” him, but I haven’t read that, or i don’t remember, can someone tell me in which chapter can i find that? Did i already past it? or am i getting there?

  16. I hve jst cmpleted the book n was really the excitement n twists of the book.I am crazy abt mystries n this 1’s a perfect one.Jst looking 4wrd to read Dan Brown’s next The Lost Symbol.

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