2 Fast 2 Furious (*)

I am glad I got to see the DVD first, because I would have been upset if I had paid to see this movie at the theaters. I really wanted to like this movie, but the acting was so horrible that I just could not.

The story tries to build on the first one but it falls short… I mean if you tought the first one was bad, then stay away as far from this one as you can. It is not even entertaining, because every time that you think it is going to get better, or the action cooler it deflates like a fart ballon.

The cars are ok, but nothing to be to impressed about. Women are good looking but not depth to any of them at all, as in the first one the female characters had a little more to do with the movie. Vin Diesel is defenetly missing from this movie… if the movie would have paired him and Paul Walker again it might have worked. Paul Walker for some reason cannot pull a character by himself or a as a lead man… as a supporting actor he was great in the skulls, but as a leading man he needs help.

Don’t waste your money even renting it, you know what remove it if you have it in your netflix cue, it will some day make it to cable.


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