The day I was born

Today is not my birthday, but tomorrow is. My family is not big into celebrating Birthdays for me, but they always wake me up early that day with a phone call. I am not a fan of making a big deal out of them at all. This year got a really cool early present, I got tickets to go see George Carlin, one of my favorite comedians.

I had my daily talk with my Mom this morning, and she told me the story of the day I was born. Lets see where do I start, My Dad is the biggest soccer fan in the world. He follows several leagues as well as played most of his life, never professionally but he is still a pretty good player. The day I was born my parents had planned to go to a soccer match, but my Mom woke up not feeling too good. They both got on a Taxi and were off, my Mom decided not go to the match so the Taxi dropped of my Dad at the stadium and my Mom went on to my Grandma’s. My Mom was not feeling to good so a neighbor that was a nurse stopped by and told my Mom that she was getting ready to have a baby. My Grandma called an ambulance. My Grandma, one of my Aunts and my Mom set out for the hospital. Someone then called the stadium and my Dad heard over the PA system that he was a Dad, and he now had a boy. I was born at 9:45 P.M. weighted 6.5 lb and measured at 51 cm.

Growing up I went to that stadium many times, probably more than any other stadium as of yet. It will probably be only topped by whatever sport one day my future kids might like. My Dad infused me with a love of soccer, heck he even was watching soccer the day I was born :)

Ok, now back to current life events. Raquetball rocks, it is not like I expected but for my first day playing Mike and I got a couple of good volleys going. My serve needs some work and so does my positioning in the court. I look forward to getting better and better. Mike is super competitive and will probably make me a good player, even though he was really taking it easy yesterday. Well until later tata.

Raquetball here I come

Well, Mike and I purchased the gear yesterday and today we are going to start playing raquetball(is that how you spell it?) who knows. Well today might be the day that I find a sport that I am good at, or at least that I have fun playing. So far the list includes soccer, volleyball, and ping pong. I like basketball but I am not even decent enough to enjoy it.

Found a pretty cool blog, with audio log and stuff, not sure if I would ever get that personal on the web but I do give April8 props for doing it. Looking forward to getting to know more people that blog. Interesting community.

As far as internet finds go, this one is cool… I remember hearing about the evils of Rock and Roll and such, and actually attending a couple of classes about subliminal messages in both marketing and music this little flash is pretty good. Hopefully I do not get hurt today. Until next time :)

Moving on

I tought it was funny that this morning in the radio they were discussing if the you know what flying out incident was staged or not. If you missed the commercials you did not miss much trust me, budweiser saved the day but still did not top past years. But since someone requested that the subject be left alone I am going to move on.

Well, I have been working out pretty consistently in 2004. I am starting phase 2 now in Feb. I have been doing cardio but now it is time to start seriously restricting complex carbs, suplement and weight trainning.

I got a pretty cool abs workout that I started yesterday and wow… I tought I had semy strong abs until I tried this. If I like it I will post it here. Now I am waiting for some experts to draw the weight training regimen for me. Got some more pictures from the Employee appreciation party, but they are going to have to be scanned.

Superbowl Sunday

This has been a long weekend, wow I did not want to get up today. Al invited us to watch the game, but I am not sure if I want to take the drive out there, maybe later on in the day I will get more energy.

The Employee appreciation party at work was pretty good. The food was excellent and I actually have a pretty cool group of cooworkers. I have some pictures to post, here is the link.