Seminars all week

Well, this week is going to be a slow one here. I have seminars and limited access to the net. I really do not like posting work related stuff here for some reason, so bisides that not much to talk about.

Wait… that is right. Sunday I got to meet up with Billy, one of my friends that actully lives here in Colorados Springs. We went out and had dinner and then watched a movie, pretty much just talked about bikes the whole time.

Another thing is that the hotel that I am at is just awesome. They are holding the conference over here, and the rooms we have are just better than anything I have had before, well, actually Cancun rooms were a little bigger but still. Service here is awesome and the food is great. Even though it is a little expensive, so McD’s the rest of the week.

Fun traveling

Well, after a very eventfull day I finally got to my hotel room wich by the way is very nice. I have to say probably one of the top 2 hotels that I have ever stayed at. There are some pictures of the room in the moblog.

The day started fine, I got to the airport just in time to be the last person to board the plane. I am traveling with one of my coworkers. Everything cool up to this point. The plane was going to Minessota first, then onto Colorado Springs… but we had to hang there for about 3 hours. We decided to grab some food and when we are getting ready to pay he realizes he lost his wallet. That is where the fun beings.

For a while he searched for his wallet back in security check points, etc. Well, we figured that the wallet had to be back in the plane, so we go back to the gate we arrived at to find out that the plane had aready continued on to Bizmark. Lucky for him he was able to call the airline and have the plane searched… they found the wallet. You would think this is enough excitement for one day but no.

We were in an out of the Airport because it is a smoke free zone and my coworker smokes. So in the last check coming back in to finally board our plane, he left his laptop at the check point. The bad part is that we did not realize this until we were in the plane already leaving.

Well, now he has no wallet, no laptop and just a bad travel experience all together. I look at it as well at least I has a story to tell.

Saturday Post of the Friday Five

1. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
Jump of a 50 ft clift down to a river. When I landed my legs went into the soft bottom (thank God no rocks) almost up to my knees.

2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother/friend/significant other would never approve of?
This is hard, I have a pretty accepting family and friends, and I do crazy things already.

3. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it’s a lifestyle)
I say about 8, I do have some limits.

4. What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky?
Adrenaline rush… or you could say my current job.

5. … and what’s the worst?
Roadrash and a sprained ankle.

First tripple bull

Last night I achieved my first tripple bull ever. I am getting a little better at darts but I still lack consistency. I did find out that 3 beers is the time when I start trowing better. We actually had a good turnout yesterday and about 9 people from work showed up to play.

I am getting ready to go to Colorado, got to pack today since I fly tomorrow morning. It will be a week of training and conferences, but I have Friday to look forward to. I will be hopefully doing some snowmobiling out in Colorado. Really looking forward to that. The Friday Five are a little late, but I still will do them in just a bit.

My Birthday

They say that wealth is not measured by how much money you have or your personal posessions but by the people around you. So I must really be beating bill gates now because I have the greatest group of people in the world around me.

Last night my little neice left me a voicemail with Granpa’s help. That was an awesome thing to wake up to this morning. Also my Sis, Mom and Dad called me first thing in the morning to wish me happy b-day. I had a meeting for a status report schedule at the second building in our company where our international CSR force is at. To my great surprise and delight they had prepared a whole birthday brunch for me. That was one of the most awesome things that anyone has done for me. They even got me a card. There is a picture bellow :) if not there just click on the current one and check out the moblog.

So I had an excellent birthday celebration with some of my new friends, also my best friend along with my online friends all wished me a HBD, which made me feel special… if they keep this up I might have to start to like birthdays.