Back in Chicago

Well today I am back in Chicago. I will be getting together with friends and eating some good food.

The day already started kicking ass with an awesome breakfast, I had a gyro and fetta cheese omelette, it was just a guilty pleasure.

Going to visit a couple of friends in the afternoon and then out to dinner with some more to the Colombian restaurant last Tablas tonigh.

When was the last time you…

When was the last time you…

1. …went to the doctor? About a year ago… I do need another check up soon.

2. …went to the dentist? Last month, I am all up on my fillings 😉

3. …filled your gas tank? Monday I think. It will be filled up again today.

4. …got enough sleep? Last Friday.

5. …backed up your computer? About 2 months ago. I have most of the important stuff in severs. I do need to burn all my pics into a DVD.

William Hung

I watch American Idol. I have to say it is an amusing TV show and probably one of the superior products from the reality TV craze. Enters William Hung, when I saw this dude performed I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. I mean the dude seems to be pretty smart, but he got up there with a child like inocense and just performed. I guess the kicker is when he actually told the judges that he has no professional trainning on singing or dancing. You can watch the video or go to his unofficial website. It is at least somewhat amusing, and what makes it specia is that there is a pettition to send him to hollywood. He actually has already make some money with a performance and I heard that FOX is going to do a special with him. So I guess being really bad is actually not that bad.

I pesonally want to see Skat girl come back. She was another contestant that was more in the amusing than talented site… but for some reason she did not gain popularitt… anyone know her name? or where I can find her video?

Insight into Human nature?

People in general do not like things to be handed to them. For example advice, junk mail, information in general are things people do not like to receive, but instead if they find it on their own, that same information seems useful. The perception is totally changed depending on how that information is obtained.

Take job searching as an example. If any of you has gone thru this painful ordeal you will know what I am talking about. You send your resume to numerous places, post it online, and even drop it off in person. In the end, what really works is having someone feel like they “found” you. Most of the time when I have actually gotten a job, it has been because of someone actually finding my resume on my personal website. It happened for my last 2 jobs. That shows that a supervisor or a director of a department seeking a candidate feels a lot better about finding the right person using google, than by looking at the stack of resumes dropped off by HR.

Another example is what we consider junk snail mail, the old fashion kind. Plenty of people are annoyed by it, I am somewhat neutral in some cases… but those same people will walk into a store and pick up the flyer. That same piece of paper is discarded if it came unsolicited.

When you find information using your own means, it makes you feel empowered in some way. Maybe it is the new involvement that I have in marketing in my company, or maybe is just my crazy mind, but I think I might be onto something.