Sucker for personality tests

I am a sucker for personality tests and such. And even though I do resist the temptation quite often, I have wasted an afternoon in emode here and there. Well, I got suckered into a leadership test, did not do all the quizes, but I did do a short one that gave this results.

What this means to you:
The questions related to this pattern examine your ability to create the most attractive environment for others through Benevolent Leadership. 90% of Extraordinary Executives focus on the success of their subordinates as much or more than their own success, over time building an army of loyal and high performing team members invested in their success. They know that successful executives don’t claw their way to the top, they are carried there. They willingly delegate both non-critical and critical tasks to subordinates, keeping a watchful eye on progress, but allowing team members to benefit from the biggest challenges, and attract the best by giving them more authority. They Lead, Follow and Get out of the Way by clearly setting expectations related to performance and defining all resources available to the team for it to succeed. They then allow their subordinates the freedom to define the process to achieve objectives. They are comfortable hiring people more qualified in specific areas than themselves, and give them the freedom to achieve their potential.

Even though the question was simple, it does outline the way I feel about leadership at least in this aspec. I do not feel threatened by others knowledge in my team, I think that you should surround yourself with talent. If I felt like I know everything better than eveyone in my team I don’t think I would be very successful at all in any of the projects I work with.

Pissed at JK Rowling

I used to love the Harry Potter series, that is until I read book 5. Not only did she kill my favorite character, but she is also in my opinion making the kids grow up by taking away their sense of humor.

I have gone through some rough times in my life like I am sure many of you have, but humor is what gets me through those rought spots. I am a positive person and the glass is always half full for me. One of the biggest reasons I like the Harry Potter series was because it captured childhood in such a way that I felt like a kid all over again when reading the books.

I am not even that excited about the next couple of books, and I am even more dissapointed that I tried to get people into reading the books. Maybe I am just pissed off at my favorite character being gone among other things(don’t want to spoil the book for people) that they did to the character. Maybe there is a method to her madness and the next book will get me hooked again.


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Now I have an official saying!

Well, today Mike has given me a tagline, ala American Pie “and one time at band camp” style my new tag line is, “I know this place in Chicago.” Is it sad, not really I miss Chicago, but I like Michigan a lot too. I do however want to take everyone to Chicago and show them all the cool places.

Raquetball is improving, I did a little better today. I think in about 4 sessions I should be able to give Mike a run for his money. Also did a little lifting today and it was not all that bad. I hope I keep on going forward with the working out thing.

Also decided to quit smoking. I am not a heavy smoker by any means, not even a social smoker, because it comes and goes on spurts. But this time I have decided to let it go all together. Lets see if it actually works. I hope so. My motivators are one my GrandUncle’s death, and one of my friends Kelly, having to visit the hospital. I think that those are pretty big signs to say no to smoking.

Back to Michigan

Well, the long Chicago weekend is now over. Last night the family dinner was good, you cannot say no to finely cooked shrimp, ever.

Today I got to do my taxes, and I do not know if it is just me but tax prepared at HR Block always seem to be characters. This one was just out of this world. He was a mature man, but he had this very dry sense of humor that was all ok. Until he started laughing, if you can call inhailing while showing your teeth to people laughing, at anything he said. I am lazy, I know I can do my own taxes online for a fraction of what I pay, but I figure the liability of them messing up is better than me messing up.

Had lunch with my Mom at a Chinesse restaurant that must have had some extra MSG sitting in the back because our food was loaded… wow… I still have a headache from it.

Then the drive home was very nice up until Grand Rapids and visibility went to nothing in seconds. I had ever seen sooo much snow come down so fast at one time. Was glad to get home safe and sound.

Good food better company

last night I got to go to Las Tablas, my favorite restaurant. The food was great but the company was better. I got to see Bob, Keda, Ramon and Alberta. We had a good dinner full of laughs.

It is extrange but even though I have been living in Michigan for a little over 4 months now, when I come back to Chicago I still feel a sense of home. I feel home in Michigan too, but I think Chicago will always be my first home in the US. I get the feeling of hometown in Chicago. Might not live there again, but in the end, I might… a warmer place would not be too bad 😉

Today is family day, I will be visiting my sister. It is a good thing that I took Monday off.