Sucker for personality tests

I am a sucker for personality tests and such. And even though I do resist the temptation quite often, I have wasted an afternoon in emode here and there. Well, I got suckered into a leadership test, did not do all the quizes, but I did do a short one that gave this results.

What this means to you:
The questions related to this pattern examine your ability to create the most attractive environment for others through Benevolent Leadership. 90% of Extraordinary Executives focus on the success of their subordinates as much or more than their own success, over time building an army of loyal and high performing team members invested in their success. They know that successful executives don’t claw their way to the top, they are carried there. They willingly delegate both non-critical and critical tasks to subordinates, keeping a watchful eye on progress, but allowing team members to benefit from the biggest challenges, and attract the best by giving them more authority. They Lead, Follow and Get out of the Way by clearly setting expectations related to performance and defining all resources available to the team for it to succeed. They then allow their subordinates the freedom to define the process to achieve objectives. They are comfortable hiring people more qualified in specific areas than themselves, and give them the freedom to achieve their potential.

Even though the question was simple, it does outline the way I feel about leadership at least in this aspec. I do not feel threatened by others knowledge in my team, I think that you should surround yourself with talent. If I felt like I know everything better than eveyone in my team I don’t think I would be very successful at all in any of the projects I work with.

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