Pissed at JK Rowling

I used to love the Harry Potter series, that is until I read book 5. Not only did she kill my favorite character, but she is also in my opinion making the kids grow up by taking away their sense of humor.

I have gone through some rough times in my life like I am sure many of you have, but humor is what gets me through those rought spots. I am a positive person and the glass is always half full for me. One of the biggest reasons I like the Harry Potter series was because it captured childhood in such a way that I felt like a kid all over again when reading the books.

I am not even that excited about the next couple of books, and I am even more dissapointed that I tried to get people into reading the books. Maybe I am just pissed off at my favorite character being gone among other things(don’t want to spoil the book for people) that they did to the character. Maybe there is a method to her madness and the next book will get me hooked again.


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4 comments on “Pissed at JK Rowling

  1. Ok, I didn’t like the moody Harry either, but if you think about how it really is to be a teen, I know I was pretty pissed off most of the time. I know Harry will grow out of his bitterness. I keep thinking Ron will die.
    I think you know from the other books just because someone is dead doesn’t mean they are gone.

  2. I know what you mean, but it is still almost (I am hoping that the character comes back somehow, not just as a ghost) as if Harry is destined to not have a family. To me that is just way too sad and I could accept that tought before when he never really had one, but to almost have one and then take it away. That just enrages me.

  3. Well I think he will have his on family and meet a mate eventually. Unless JK gets bored with being filthy rich.

  4. I was really sad after reading book five. She did kill off a well deserved character in the book, that should have stayed for the rest. It made me give up some hope for the rest of harry potter. The last book was so angry. And so depressing. Usually JK. gives us hope and happiness in the end, But this time it was really hard to see harry go through everything he has been through for the book to end like it did Even though I am hesitent to read book six. I am going to with high hope that she will bring back one of the popular book characters. With a plead of please bring him back, we can’t stand any more sadness.
    Charlene V. Pedersen of USA Tacoma Washington.

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