Now I have an official saying!

Well, today Mike has given me a tagline, ala American Pie “and one time at band camp” style my new tag line is, “I know this place in Chicago.” Is it sad, not really I miss Chicago, but I like Michigan a lot too. I do however want to take everyone to Chicago and show them all the cool places.

Raquetball is improving, I did a little better today. I think in about 4 sessions I should be able to give Mike a run for his money. Also did a little lifting today and it was not all that bad. I hope I keep on going forward with the working out thing.

Also decided to quit smoking. I am not a heavy smoker by any means, not even a social smoker, because it comes and goes on spurts. But this time I have decided to let it go all together. Lets see if it actually works. I hope so. My motivators are one my GrandUncle’s death, and one of my friends Kelly, having to visit the hospital. I think that those are pretty big signs to say no to smoking.

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