Back to Michigan

Well, the long Chicago weekend is now over. Last night the family dinner was good, you cannot say no to finely cooked shrimp, ever.

Today I got to do my taxes, and I do not know if it is just me but tax prepared at HR Block always seem to be characters. This one was just out of this world. He was a mature man, but he had this very dry sense of humor that was all ok. Until he started laughing, if you can call inhailing while showing your teeth to people laughing, at anything he said. I am lazy, I know I can do my own taxes online for a fraction of what I pay, but I figure the liability of them messing up is better than me messing up.

Had lunch with my Mom at a Chinesse restaurant that must have had some extra MSG sitting in the back because our food was loaded… wow… I still have a headache from it.

Then the drive home was very nice up until Grand Rapids and visibility went to nothing in seconds. I had ever seen sooo much snow come down so fast at one time. Was glad to get home safe and sound.

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