William Hung

I watch American Idol. I have to say it is an amusing TV show and probably one of the superior products from the reality TV craze. Enters William Hung, when I saw this dude performed I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. I mean the dude seems to be pretty smart, but he got up there with a child like inocense and just performed. I guess the kicker is when he actually told the judges that he has no professional trainning on singing or dancing. You can watch the video or go to his unofficial website. It is at least somewhat amusing, and what makes it specia is that there is a pettition to send him to hollywood. He actually has already make some money with a performance and I heard that FOX is going to do a special with him. So I guess being really bad is actually not that bad.

I pesonally want to see Skat girl come back. She was another contestant that was more in the amusing than talented site… but for some reason she did not gain popularitt… anyone know her name? or where I can find her video?

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  1. Lol, is that the asian guy that sand ricki martin’s shebang?? That one had me in stitches.

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