Good Morning

Well, I have been kind of down for the last couple of days. It is probably due to one of my Dad’s uncle’s passing away. We were not particularly close, but he was one of the people in my family that looked like me. I know he saw me grow up and I think he was probably one of my Dad’s closest uncles. His name was Rodrigo Guzman, and he passed away this week of a heart attack.

I have very good memories of him, he was always smiling and like I mentioned before looked a lot like me. Actually had a little red on his hair and I sometimes get a couple of red hairs on my beard. One think I hope I don’t inherit was his baldness… but if I do it will just add character 😉

I do wish I could have seen him one more time before he passed away… his kids were my Dad’s cousins but were closer to my age than his. I always wanted to be closer to them but really never got the chance. I think the whole event is bringing me down because I realize that mortality is something that I don’t like to face. Not my own mortality but that of those around me. My grandparents back in Colombia are not getting any younger and I fear that the worst will happen before I get to see them again, or before I can have kids and they can meet them.

I am very close to my Dad’s Dad. When I say GrandPa I always think of him. He is probably in the top 5 people in the world that I am closest to. He was not a scholar but was full of knowledge, yet he always advocated school and learning. Even though he has practical experience on a lot of subjects, he still valued education and always pushed me towards it. His views religion are pretty broad and even though he finally chose Hinduism as a religion, he explored everything from Christianity to gnosticism. He was very active on his company Union when they were not the most popular thing or safest in a place like Colombia. He is probably one of the most caring people I know, and I would be content just being half of the person he is.

I really hope I can take a trip to Colombia this year, because I need to see my family again. Times like this make me miss them a lot and even though I tell themt that I love them over the phone all the time, I want to tell them in person as soon as I can.

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