Tony Mowbray

Tony Mowbray survived the worst Sydney to Hobart on record, he circumnavigated the planet on his own non-stop in Australian record time, now he heads to the windiest place on earth … Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica just in time for 2004 aboard the same boat, “Solo Globe Challenger”. For him, it’s another adventure, another challenge. For us, it’s about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Today I had the opportunity to see this wonderful person do a public appearance on the seminar I am attending. To summarize his best points that were words that I already live by.

Negative people will bring you down, and will try to get you down even after you tried to leave them behind.

Talking about doing something is one thing, commiting to doing something and actually acting upon it is another.

Success does not come to you, you have to go and seek it.

I never tought a speaker could actually move me so much, but he did. His story is one that once is put into a book it will be an excellent read. If you ever have a chance to catch him please do.

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