Didn’t think I would have much to say but I was wrong

Well, today I had an excellent day with all the breakout sessions actually starting. 3 of them were great, I got to learn about some pretty neat stuff… but I did have a bad experience, well maybe even horrible.

The presentation had the word allow in every power point slided… as is this will allow you to do this… allow you to do that… is almost like the vocabulary stopped there. I will have to be disallowed from the word for some time. But that was not the bad part. The bad part was that the poor guy had a cold, and would not clear his throat so he would gargle while he spoke and over the speakers it sounded so bad that I tought I would for sure barf.

Now, my last session was about mass storage devises and other tech stuff that I will leave out of here… but this dude was a professional. His power point was messing up but he handle it and just was so knowledgable it was sick. It is a pleasure to be wowed by a speaker. The kick off of the conference was also good, their video productions were excellent and invovative with a glass half full/half empty take on that was great. And after that a whole Matrix take off that was pretty cool. A couple of pics are out on the Moblog.

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