My Birthday

They say that wealth is not measured by how much money you have or your personal posessions but by the people around you. So I must really be beating bill gates now because I have the greatest group of people in the world around me.

Last night my little neice left me a voicemail with Granpa’s help. That was an awesome thing to wake up to this morning. Also my Sis, Mom and Dad called me first thing in the morning to wish me happy b-day. I had a meeting for a status report schedule at the second building in our company where our international CSR force is at. To my great surprise and delight they had prepared a whole birthday brunch for me. That was one of the most awesome things that anyone has done for me. They even got me a card. There is a picture bellow :) if not there just click on the current one and check out the moblog.

So I had an excellent birthday celebration with some of my new friends, also my best friend along with my online friends all wished me a HBD, which made me feel special… if they keep this up I might have to start to like birthdays.

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