Raquetball here I come

Well, Mike and I purchased the gear yesterday and today we are going to start playing raquetball(is that how you spell it?) who knows. Well today might be the day that I find a sport that I am good at, or at least that I have fun playing. So far the list includes soccer, volleyball, and ping pong. I like basketball but I am not even decent enough to enjoy it.

Found a pretty cool blog, with audio log and stuff, not sure if I would ever get that personal on the web but I do give April8 props for doing it. Looking forward to getting to know more people that blog. Interesting community.

As far as internet finds go, this one is cool… I remember hearing about the evils of Rock and Roll and such, and actually attending a couple of classes about subliminal messages in both marketing and music this little flash is pretty good. Hopefully I do not get hurt today. Until next time :)

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  1. Hey if youre interested in playing, call me. I`m always looking for a game Matt

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