Moving on

I tought it was funny that this morning in the radio they were discussing if the you know what flying out incident was staged or not. If you missed the commercials you did not miss much trust me, budweiser saved the day but still did not top past years. But since someone requested that the subject be left alone I am going to move on.

Well, I have been working out pretty consistently in 2004. I am starting phase 2 now in Feb. I have been doing cardio but now it is time to start seriously restricting complex carbs, suplement and weight trainning.

I got a pretty cool abs workout that I started yesterday and wow… I tought I had semy strong abs until I tried this. If I like it I will post it here. Now I am waiting for some experts to draw the weight training regimen for me. Got some more pictures from the Employee appreciation party, but they are going to have to be scanned.

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