Eurotrip (***)

Well, I went to this movie with low expectations which is always a good thing. I was pleasently surprised to find out that the movie was actually more than entertaining, and can actually be called funny.

The movie comes from the people that did roadtrip and old school. I do have to say is not up to Old School level which I think is the better of the 3, but it is about at the same level as roadtrip maybe even a little higher.

If you don’t have any other movie you want to go see, this is not a waste of money… but it can wait until it comes out on video for sure. When the DVD comes out, I will probably get it.

My Fav Quote

“A Road without obstacles, often leads to nowhere.”
–Author Unknown.

This quote sumarizes a lot of my toughts in life and just accomplishments in general. When the going gets tough, I think of this quote… also when things are going too smooth… is like the calm before the storm.

Not eating Los Cuatro Amigos anymore

Well, my fav Mexican restaurant around here just got closed by the health department(was closed for a period of time, but it was not related to their food). I still need to investigate the reasons and such, but I am both pissed of and bumbed. The way I found about it is kind of funny though.

Ok where to begin, just recently they opened up a Los Cuatro Amigos really close to my place of employement, the restaurant is a branch of one in Bay City (one of the towns in the TriCity area where I live). The one that got closed is the one on Bay City. (It has since been reopened and a new location in Midland is also serving tasty food.)

Yesterday I am about to head out to lunch with Esther and Mike when I get a voicemail. I was like that is odd… did not recognize the number so I decided to check it later. We go to eat at Los Cuatro Amigos for lunch. When I got back from lunch I remembered the message I had, so I check it… is was friend letting me know not to eat at that restuarant because they closed the one in Bay City. I had no choice but to crack up and let Mike listen to the message.

So now I am Mexicanfoodless again. (or so I thought, full update here)

L’Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)**

What can I say about this movie. Lets start with the positive, the movie has a good story line, it also have a couple of very LOL moments and the overall humor is good. Now my beef with it is the poor subtitling. I can understand some of the issues it has, but not in the DVD release. I think by that time all of those should be worked out.

If you ran out of movies to rent on your netflix que check it out, or if you speak either French or Spanish the movie is actually good. For an English speaker that is not fond of foreing coming of age films, stay away.


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Hogwarts Motto – Harry Potter

“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus” (Never tickle a Sleeping Dragon)
–Hogwarts Motto — From the Harry Potter books.

I ranted a little not too long ago about HP. I used to be a big fan of the series until book 5. Right now I might just need a re-read and re-evaluate my expectations… I love this quote from the book.