Let is Snow, let it snow, let it snow

Wow that is a lot of snow coming down. That is what I was thinking all day at work. Then I actually had to drive on it. I am surprised I don’t hate Michigan snow as much as I did Illionois’. The snow here is a little fluffier and less slushy. My complain is whet the snow removal people. In Chicago, two flakes and there was an army of plows unleashed. It was quite good. Here, I think the whole try city area has 4 plows. No joke.

Well, today I got my moblog working. Is kind of neat, now I can send pictures to an e-mail account and it almost keeps a photo diary. Some people use it as a blog, I am just going to use it as a compliment to this one.

Just got done playing some Age of Kings. Still love that game, and now I can go and play some gunbound. I am actually excited. I can finally join a guild. Took a picture of me driving in the snow. Click on my moblog to check it out.

My Blog has arrived

What am I talking about, well I got hate mail… yes people hate mail. I am not sure what amuses me the most, is it the fact that it was some of the classic one, or that the people saying it were just making fun of themselves.

Lets examine. The first one was a “Go back to your country” one. This one is beyond amusing because I highly doubt that it came from a Native American, so I will drink to a hateful descendant of immigrants this weekend lmao
The second one and very classic “Get a life” message. Well this one really made me chuckle, for me making entries to the blog comes as a break in the work day, a couple of minutes of just saying whatever is on my mind. Or a late at night, last thing to do before I go to bed. Now if you read, you will realize that I spend some time in front of computers because of work and the games I enjoy. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone how irrelevant the get a life comment is to any internet communication, it is still soooo amusing.

Colombian Art

Browsing around today I found the following Link (link is dead now :( ), and then continue to read.

I am very proud of being Colombian, sure I am pretty much an American now when it comes to the way I live and I love America as much if not more than most natives. But I am very proud of my roots and if some day I have kids they will learn about my culture for sure. Turcios is my latest finding, Colombian talent is one of the things that makes me the proudest of being Colombian. From Botero to Rayo and their paintings to Gabo and his Magical Realism all those works of art make me proud to say where I am from.

It is difficult to explain to people that have only heard about Colombia via the mass media, that Colombia is a lot more than the country where most of the US drugs come from. But pointing people to works of arts made by Colombians, makes them realize that we do a lot more for the world than drugs and coffee.

Turcios is my latest finding, and I hope you enjoy his work as much as I did.

Arroz Con Pollo

Well, one of my favorite Colombian dishes is Arroz Con Pollo, or chicken and rice. I made it this weekend for some friends and they loved it. After being asked for the recepy I decided to post it here. Some people might do it a little different, but this is the way my Mom makes it. Let me know how it comes out if you try it :)

Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice) 4 Servings

1 lb – Chicken Breast
2 Cups of White Rice
2 Tomatoes
1 bunch of Green Onions
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Can of Mixed Peas and Carrots
2 Squares of Chicken Bullion OR 1 packet Sazon Goya con Achote
Vegetable Oil


While the chicken cooks, chop the onions very finely, chop into small squares or grade the 2 tomatoes (yes with a cheese grader), and chop 1/4 of the red bell pepper very fine.

Boil the Chicken with the Chicken Bullion or Sazon Goya. Make sure that the chicken is cooked, and keep the broth. Remove the chicken and cut it in little squares, or let it cool and hand shred it. Add 4 cups of broth to the 2 cups of rice. If you have a rice steamer use it. In the stove, cook the rice on high until it boils, once it is boiling for about a couple of minutes reduce the heat to medium for about 10 mins. The rice should be starting to dry up, do not let it get too dry. Remove rice from the heat, if in a steamer, let it click and keep it warm.

On a sauce pan add some vegetable oil(just cover the pan), medium heat and start browning the onions. Once the onions are brown, add the tomatoes and bell pepper. Let the mix simmer and stir constantly until it forms a paste. Remove from the heat. (You just made Guiso, Colombian style).

On a frying pan, add vegetable oil and brown the chicken.

Now the last step, is add the guiso, canned vegetables, and browned chicken to the rice. Mix all the ingredients in and put the rice on low for about 5 mins. Then turn the heat off and let it sit for another 5 mins. And you are done.

Sanctity of Marriage

I have to admit that I do like reality TV. I started watching since the days of the real world. I am starting to get seriously annoyed with the whole marriage fabrication crap. I think marriage is a beautiful thing, and even TV producers should take it seriously. Now we have this TV people, thinking is funny to mortify the family of a girl by hiring an actor to play an extremely annoying fiancé. Give me a break. The most amusing thing about the whole thing is the girl. She is trying to appear wholesome, and a good girl, but the only reason she is doing this is for a million dollars. The school that the lady teaches at, a Catholic school is giving her lip over the show. I do agree with them, because marriage is not a game, is a commitment with its up and downs, but a sacred thing in my eyes. Lets hope they find a better subject to trash, because the whole marriage theme is just not cool.