Darts, Party, Superbowl

Well, this weekend is going to be fun… tonight we will be playing darts and I am going to try and figure out the coefficient between drinking and playing darts. I think for me its two beers and I start hitting marks. Now the tricky part is to keep the buzz steady.

Last night I played even more of my new addiction gunbound, I am actually part of a guild now D0minion. Found this comic really funny. I guess it is better than being addicted to something else, but none the less an addition.

Tomorrow, besides getting a desperatly needed haircut I have my company’s employee appreciation party, like a late holiday party. It should be interesting seeying all the “spousals” of the people I work with, and I also look forward to seeying people drunk, which from what I have heard happens quite often. Getting the camera phone ready.

Sunday is the Superbowl, and I actually entered a cople of pools… i might be richer after the super bowl :) not sure where I am actually watching it, but maybe having some people over will be the way…. maybe I will ask Al if he has something going on, this guy has a projector that displays into a screen the size of the wall in his basemant… crazy, his “little” TV upstairs has more inches than my 4 TV’s at home combine… where is Al’s e-mail again :)

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