What’s for lunch

Have not decided what to eat, I know I have to go to the bank to get some cash, and to the mall to ge a battery for my wathc, but I am not sure about food. I guess mall food, will be allright. The thing is that the place I think is eatable there is always closed when I go. I think is called burboun chicken.

Finished reading the DaVinci Code. What an awesome book, I am going to have to go back and look for a cryptography book I read before, because if I remember correctly there was a chapter about leonardo there. That was the first book that I read in code breaking, which to me is fascinating. I guess I should write a little review of the DaVinci Code, but that will probably have to be this weekend.

Going to start playing some Raquetball next week, the company I work for has courts on its building, so I might as well take advantage of it. I should read a little about the game, because even thouhg I have played tennis, I think this is a totally different ball game. Wow that was a bad joke.

TV wise, cought up on our TiVo last night. American Idol was highly amusing, even though without Paula there it seems like Randy and Simon just go off… I was concidering though, that they have to sit and go thru a lot of people. I am sure they don’t show the average people, just the worse ones in the beginning. Also saw a hispanic girl from the San Diego audition that actually had a voice that can go all the way. That is kind of exciting. Also been watching the OC. Ok now to go eat some mall food.

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