My Blog has arrived

What am I talking about, well I got hate mail… yes people hate mail. I am not sure what amuses me the most, is it the fact that it was some of the classic one, or that the people saying it were just making fun of themselves.

Lets examine. The first one was a “Go back to your country” one. This one is beyond amusing because I highly doubt that it came from a Native American, so I will drink to a hateful descendant of immigrants this weekend lmao
The second one and very classic “Get a life” message. Well this one really made me chuckle, for me making entries to the blog comes as a break in the work day, a couple of minutes of just saying whatever is on my mind. Or a late at night, last thing to do before I go to bed. Now if you read, you will realize that I spend some time in front of computers because of work and the games I enjoy. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone how irrelevant the get a life comment is to any internet communication, it is still soooo amusing.

2 comments on “My Blog has arrived

  1. hi logtar, thanks for your comments recently…interesting blog you have here!
    I recently purchased the da vinci code as well, but i haven’t started it yet. i hear it’s good though. see you around.

  2. Da Vinci Code sold out in translation here in Iceland. I guess I’ll have to read it in the original language then…

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