Let is Snow, let it snow, let it snow

Wow that is a lot of snow coming down. That is what I was thinking all day at work. Then I actually had to drive on it. I am surprised I don’t hate Michigan snow as much as I did Illionois’. The snow here is a little fluffier and less slushy. My complain is whet the snow removal people. In Chicago, two flakes and there was an army of plows unleashed. It was quite good. Here, I think the whole try city area has 4 plows. No joke.

Well, today I got my moblog working. Is kind of neat, now I can send pictures to an e-mail account and it almost keeps a photo diary. Some people use it as a blog, I am just going to use it as a compliment to this one.

Just got done playing some Age of Kings. Still love that game, and now I can go and play some gunbound. I am actually excited. I can finally join a guild. Took a picture of me driving in the snow. Click on my moblog to check it out.

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