Sanctity of Marriage

I have to admit that I do like reality TV. I started watching since the days of the real world. I am starting to get seriously annoyed with the whole marriage fabrication crap. I think marriage is a beautiful thing, and even TV producers should take it seriously. Now we have this TV people, thinking is funny to mortify the family of a girl by hiring an actor to play an extremely annoying fiancé. Give me a break. The most amusing thing about the whole thing is the girl. She is trying to appear wholesome, and a good girl, but the only reason she is doing this is for a million dollars. The school that the lady teaches at, a Catholic school is giving her lip over the show. I do agree with them, because marriage is not a game, is a commitment with its up and downs, but a sacred thing in my eyes. Lets hope they find a better subject to trash, because the whole marriage theme is just not cool.

One comment on “Sanctity of Marriage

  1. Marriage is one of God’s most wonderful gifts to us. In marriage, you spend your life time with a partner who is willing to stay with you through thick and thin. What happiness can you ask more when you have found someone special who cares for you and shares with your dreams in life. Moreover, together with that person, you can start a family where in you can share your love and affection to your children.

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