Friday Night is Dart Night.

I got some beef, with the Michiganders. Granted, is winter, and is cold but come on people we are humans, not bears that need to hybernate. How did you like that run on. Well at least I have Darts on Friday to look forward to. Every Friday we go out and play darts with mostly coworkers. I still suck, but there is hope. I might some day be actually decent. I am actually about to go at lunch and buy some new darts.

Happy event of the day, is me finding out that Los Cuatro Amigos, Mexican Restautan just open today. It is about a couple of blocks from work. For most people in major cities, this is no biggie. But Saginaw Michigan is lacking some good Mexican food. And I have eaten at another restaurant in Bay City(part of the try cities Midland, Sagina, and Bay City) by the same name and they are good. I do not mean good as in eatable… I mean comparable to the best ones I have eaten in Chicago and home cooked meals I have had by actual Mexican friends. So now this means that I will actually have a lunch place that I can look forward to.

Moving on, extending my geekhood has now taken the turn of renting movies online. I have bee thinking about it for quite some time, 20 bucks for netflix is still 20 bucks. So I will do the free trial to see how it works and then decide if it is worth the 20 bucks. I might not have the time to watch that many movies and if I just keep 3 for 2 mothsn, that means that I paid like 12 dollars to rent 3 movies. We’ll see.

Now that I think about it 20 is my magic I care number. 15 bucks I would not think all that much about spendig, but 20 hurts. Like if a friend borrows 20, I will probably remember, but bellow that is not a huge deal. Granted, you will not be able to get 15 bucks out of me unless you are a good friend, but 20 seems to be a magic number.

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