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Well, this topic has changed so much in recent years. If you would have asked me the question, would you meet someone from an online chatroom or message board?, two years ago, I would have been like, are you crazy? But now things have dramatically changed. There was a point where I decided that only people that I knew personally could have access to my buddy list on the messengers. I had blocked all other messages other than the people I had on my list. Back then 50% of the messages I was getting on ICQ were spam, that was one of the reasons to lock my messengers persay.

Now with the communities that I am a part of, this whole question takes on a new meaning Chicagolandsportbikes, Laneros, SSBC are all places I visit quite often. And thru those message boards I have met some people that I now call friends. I guess destiny had some to do with it. The first time I decided to meet some of the people was a motorcycle group ride. I showed up and the people seemed cool enough. Their internet personas, were more or less their real personality. We were chatting before the kicks stand up, and then people are like, hey there comes Chris. I was not supposed to have met any of this people before or so I tought. Then Chris takes off his helmet, and what do you know, of my my College buddies best friend shows up. I guess this made me a lot less reluctant to meeting people from the internet.

I am also lucky enough to be never have really used a dating service online. But I do know a couple of people that have with positive results. So is the internet the new place to meet people? is it more effective? Well, I think it is. It is easier to find people with common interests, and well 50% of the people that I know in Michigan now, I met thru either a motorcycle board, or a gaming board.

In the past I have met a group of car tuning people just by bumping into their little personal website. Later finding out that they were into martial arts, and had a whole group name GrandmasDen. Then in a professional level, I got to meet some translator from ProzDotCom a site I am a member of, and I ended up setting up a PoWwow. So I got to meet a lot of cool people that without the internet I might have never crossed paths with.

The latest story I think is the coolest. I am playing my current addiction gunbound which is a global game. People from Singapure, Korea, Brazil and China are the ones that I encounter more often. Well, during a game that was going to the crapper due to slow connections, everyone started asking, where are you guys from. A guy answers USA, not uncommon, the I go and say Michigan. The guy goes on to say, where, I am like Midland. He is like YOU LIE. after the lmao, we moved on to where in town. We live only about 10 blocks from each other. Isn’t that crazy. It is just weird, call it destiny, call it luck, but making friends online is now pretty cool.

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  1. Awesome blog layout, glad I could inspire 😉 Dig your power machine, I still gotta load up my pics, soon I shall 😉 Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey John remember me from Grandmas Den. Hows everything going? Hopefully well. I’m at work right now and I have nothing to do so I thought I’d take the time to KIT with you. Well I have a customer now so I gotta cut it short E-mail me your number or something, if you want mine, my cell is 773-759-8936. Take care.

  3. Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

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