How could I forget

One of the things that drove me to start this blog was a little community called Phirebrush. I am not a part of it by any means, I don’t have enough artistic knowledge to compete with those guys, which I consider not only talented but inspiring. The sadest thing about the story about me finding that little community is that one of its members is no longer with us. Sarah Ruble(Violet) was not only an artist, but she was a daugther, a fiance and a friend to many. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet her. I hope she is in a better place. :(

I promised myself that once I got this blog going, I would make sure to mention one of the factors that drove me here. Kriegs Blog was so profound, and so open that I decided that I could also start mine. I have tons of ideas and past experiences to share, and if some of those help just one person along the way… then making and maintaining this blog is worth it. Thanks Violet and thanks Kriegs.

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