Is it Tuesday already

Wow, this week will fly by. Work is super busy as usual, but that is cool because it makes the day fly.

Yesterday a new season of American Idols started. I never watched the first season, but I did watch the second one. In any case, I love watching the begining of that show because of all the people making asses of themselves. You might say, what a heartless SOB making fun of people for their dreams. But I say, come on, don’t any of this people have family and friends that tell them how horrible they are before they make a fool of themselves on national television. It is probably due to the current attitude that you can be anything you want. Reality check, I cannot be anything I want, because we all have different qualities, I know I could not dunk over Michael Jordan. In any case, Scooter girl craked me up. She has to be on something and is not a natural high from running around in her scooter. I am glad she made it. But the Logtar award goes to Skat girl, that grand finale was priceless.

[Rant on]A little beef with some gunbound player, better yet, any online player that has a crappy computer. I do not think that you should be deprived of the enjoyment of any game if you have a slow computer, heck, I had my limitations at before. Now what really ticks me off, is that most games now a days have the option of turning down the graphics which makes the game run a lot smoother. So if you have a slow computer that can barely run the game, why do you have the graphics all the way up? that is just beyond my comprenhension. Killing the gameplay makes the game less fun, the pretty graphics will not make you win if the game crashes. [Rant off]

Now back to my microcosmos, I put some more pics from Jim’s baby up. Check the out here.

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