Finally got the pictures up

Well, last night was fun. Bogs is getting closer to finish un the design of the new skin for the site. Also played some more gunbound and actually got some free armor. Finally got to put the picutures I want it up, including some of my pet pics, recent snow pics, and my latest gaming system that bogs help me build.

It was colder than it has been a long time this morning, so much that my nostrils felt like they were getting ice inside of them. Thank God and technology for remote start. The drive to work was good, the sun was out and that is a super A++++ a la ebay. One thing I really like about Michigan is its openness, and how you can see sky for days. Sometimes the clouds sit just right and it is almost like I have mountains around me once again. I grew up in a valley right in between the Andes, and growing up with mountains all around you is awesome. You do not realize how used to you get to the mountains and how they give you a cozy feeling untile you move to the midwest and there is just no end to the sky. I will be in Colorado soon for business, and it is always cool to go there just for the mountains. I will be also be visiting my buddy Billy, he is in the Airforce Academy causing trouble :) hopeully he does not get himself in too much trouble so we can have some fun.

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