So what is today?

Thursday I think, I hate when I cannot keep the days straigh. Stayed up too late playing gunbound again. Well, Bogs is trying to really help me out with the design of my page, and I think we made some progess yesterday. He hates the current design, so hey, you are a designer, do something bettter, right. I was going to upload some pictures today, but I don’t have my mem card reader here… tought I did, but is somewhere at home, or at least I hope.

I need to start remembering to post at night, so I can actually get into my usual non stop blabering, posting at work is no fun because all I do is think about what I am working on, and the 5 min break that this is supposed to be, turns into, lets try this or that. Programming isn’t fun. I wish I could turn it off sometimes, but I just deal with it, the non stop wheels turning in my head trying to make a program run, or get that last bug out.

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