Today was a bla day

Today was uneventful. Except for a car that had ran off the road due to the snow this morning, not much has happened. We are supposed to get like 8 inches. It should be fun driving home.

I was just thinking today about this blog. I would not even think of putting work related stuff here, but what about personal stuff… friend names, etc. Well, I guess what I will do is just put stuff until someone gets pissed of.

Yesterday was actually very eventful. Got to the Gym (been a nut about the elyptic running machine) again and did an hour workout. Trying to get out there 5 days a week. Then I got home about 5 mins late to a game of AoK. A real strategy game. Bogs(my best friend) and I have been playing with Mike(the dude with the farm animal fetish) and Jim (one of Mike’s college buddies), and getting our butts kicked. But finally Bogs kicked it into high gear and we wooped ass. I have tons of fun playing games. Just not enough time to play them. I still have 6 PS2 games that I’ve yet to open and about 8 Gamecube ones, is almost like I need a vacation just to play video games.

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