Ladies and Gentleman, I live in Michigan

Last week I saw a really cool thing driving to work, It was snowing where I was at, but if you look at the horizon you could see the sunset in all its splendor. The sky had this awesome orange tint to it. It was really beautiful. I do not like Orange as a color, probably the reason I am not running out to go hunting… but in nature any color can be so magnificent.

Well today I am driving to work and it is snowing so heavy that you can barely see the car in front of you. I do not mind the cold, or the winter too much, I can even stand the snow. What I really miss during the winter is the sun. I think that is probably why I decided to upload another album. My sister and her family went to Cancun in 2003.

At first moving to Michigan was tough, in part because it felt like a vacation. Not having my family here is tough beyond words at times. Despite the weather, Michigan and this area is really warm because of its people. I have encoutered nothing but genuine people, even if they are pissed off, they do not make excuses about it and are up front. I think that is an excellent thing.

Now, I am just longing for the time I spent on Cancun and seeying the pictures of my sister’s trip makes me want to go there again. Well next vacation will be Vegas for one of my friend’s wedding, and that should defenetly take me away from the cold weather. Maybe rent a bike and do some riding out there.

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